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Made in gb
Steady Dwarf Warrior

Manchester UK

Hey there Dakka Dakka!

So after listening to several of the Horus Heresy audiobooks, and loads of lore vids iv'e decided to take the plunge and start an Imperial Fists army! mostly I play (non Primaris) Space Wolves and Chaos Marines, and whilst i know how to combat the new marine meta, i'm not as clued up when it comes to fielding them (especially Primaris marines). Most of the time i'm battling it out in competitive games, so i'm trying to make this list as effective and competitive (after the combat doctrine nerf) as possible.

Anyway to the point, what do you think of the following? Any room for improvement? Any suggestions post doctrine nerf etc?

Battalion Detachment +5 CP


Primaris Captain - 83 Points
(Sentinel of Terra) (Warlord)
Architect of War, Hand of Dorn
Master Crafted Stalker Bolt Rifle

Tor Garadon


5x Intercessors - 94 Points
Bolt Rifles
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol/Power Fist

5x Intercessors - 94 Points
Bolt Rifles
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol/Power Fist

5x Intercessors - 94 Points
Bolt Rifles
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol/Power Fist


Primaris Apothecary
(Chief Apothecary) (Hero of the Chapter)
Selfless Healer

Battalion Detachment +5 CP
(Imperial Fists Siegebreaker Cohort)


Primaris Chaplain
Litany of Hate, Catechism of Fire
Absolver Bolt Pistol/ Crozius Arcanum

Primaris Lieutenant - 70 Points
Master Crafted Stalker Bolt Rifle


5x Intercessors - 94 Points
Bolt Rifles
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol/Power Fist

10x Intercessors - 170 Points
Stalker Bolt Rifles
Sergeant w/ Stalker Bolt Rifle/ Chainsword

5x Scouts
Sergeant w/ Boltgun/ Chainsword


6x Inceptors - 246 Points
2x Assault Bolters
Inceptor Sergeant w/ 2x Assault Bolters


6x Centurion Devastators - 420 Points
Hurricane Bolters, 2x Heavy Bolters
Sergeant w/ Hurricane Bolters / 2x Heavy Bolters

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought - 303 Points
2x Storm Cannon Array
2x Heavy Flamers

Okay so the general thought behind this list is to have Tor Garadon and the 4 groups of small intercessor squads advance midfield to take objectives and engage in combat where needed, and can act as a speed bump, i will also advance the leviathan up as well to add support to TG and the advancing intercessors, whilst the inceptors will deep strike to add support midfield or in the opponents deployment.

The centurions are going to set up in cover at the start of the game and pop the stratagem that gives them +2 cover save, whilst the apothecary, captain, Lieutenant and chaplain camp with them hopefully making them mostly immovable, with the apothecary healing twice and the captain providing the +1 save against Ap -1 weapons.

The stalker intercessors are going to babysit the backfield with the centurions, getting the buffs from the chaplain, captain and co and sniping enemy characters etc or heavy infantry.

scouts are purely in there to fill out the detachment, but can infiltrate and sit on an objective as an extra headache to my opponent.

What do we think? any improvements to be made? am i putting to much emphasis on the Centurions ability to dish out damage in the devastator doctrine and beyond?

Thanks for sticking with me this far! and thanks for any advice!

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