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Made in us
Beast of Nurgle


It's been two and a half years since I last posted on Dakka. New job, new internet restrictions, no Dakka access. Honestly, I kind of forgot the site was a thing. I've missed so much! When I first made my account, I was doing random commissions and neglecting my own hobby passions in order to gain what extra income I could. Nowadays, things have settled after getting burnt out, overloaded, and subsequently shutting down any commission service, I've been able to focus my attention on my own projects. Painting is finally relaxing again and I can move away from the GW painting style I was stuck in for so long.

So I will be posting my new WIP attempts at grimdark/realistic/dirty painting and my adventures into the wonderful world that isn't edge highlighting! I've worked in emergency services my entire career so I don't exactly get to take advantage of quarantine time (gotta go to work, regardless), but it's amazing what working on your own stuff does for hobby motivation.

The first picture is two of my completed Plague Marine test models. The color scheme is (un-originally) based around Marines that succumbed to Nurgle in the depths of an Ocean World, and I attempted to reflect that in the coloring, the excessive rust, and the greenish-gray flesh colors. The other idea was almost like the old school Scooby Doo villain in a diving suits who had the creepy yellow light coming from the helmet underwater. I added this idea to make the rest of the model seem as though it were in a darker area, perhaps even still implacably marching underwater, and I like how they turned out. However, the bottom one was painted with acrylics only, darkening it with multiple layers of washes, but even after Dullcote, it is still a bit shiny. It was based with just some subtle colors and washes. The top one was painted and then given a layer of AK Interactive Streaking Grime (for Panzer Grey) and cleaned up with mineral spirits before applying gloss to the black claws and horns and based with contaminated snow. So far, I'm a fan of the Streaking Grime method, though I got some different versions to try out.

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Next up, a FLGS competition piece I made. Not the scheme of my Traitor Guard, but more of a one-off attachment to my main force, my Nurgle Renegade Baneblade. First attempt using chipping medium on a large scale (disclaimer: it was decanted hair spray as I didn't have any medium lol). Relatively happy with how it turned out, but it didn't win anything in the public vote.

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Most recently, one of my favorite projects became the subject of my efforts. I was gifted a Renegade box set, but I found I couldn't leave them as normal Knights. So I made this one into a wholly Nurgle Knight, and the other (not pictured, yet) into a once Imperial, now corrupted, Knight. This was before the Chaos Knights stuff, so now I suppose they are Knight Despoilers, since I'm against magnetization lol. This one is allied with my Death Guard, while the other will likely be its own beast (at this point, I'm planning tarnished marble as the color for it).

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