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Hello to whoever is reading this. I'm pretty much a totally new player, having bought, built and painted an Ultramarine box set about 13 years ago when i was 10, but lacked the final step in going out to play with other people. In more recent years however, I've been watching loads of BatReps, and now that I have my own time/home/life I figured I should finally get into the hobby properly.

I'm drawn to all facets of the game from the list making, model making and customization, painting of models and finally the tactical war-gaming at the end. Hopefully this will get me more sociable outside of work as I'm trying to get out of a rut having left a lot of university friends, so find I need a social activity that I find mentally engaging. 40k is something I have always wanted to try and haven't had the means to pursue properly in my adolescence so now's better than ever (bar Covid-19 lockdown meaning I can't order anything yet).

Enough about me though. I'm looking to get into Blood angels as I'm a fan of their aesthetics, lore and playstyle. I'll be posting some ideas for lists soon as I have quite a few and would appreciate some feedback from experienced players. This way I can focus on buying models I need as opposed to a bunch of random ones I may not find much use for in games.

I really look forward to getting into the hobby and hope to make some good memories, friends and models!
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Hello and welcome! I enjoy a bit of list building too and yeah, it's at least something that can be done during this mess! I hope you get some good feedback.

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Welcome to Dakka

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 amazingturtles wrote:
Hello and welcome! I enjoy a bit of list building too and yeah, it's at least something that can be done during this mess! I hope you get some good feedback.

Thanks and yeah I hope so, I'm keen to get something together that will be semi-decent.

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Hello and welcome!

Whereabouts are you based? Do you have friends that play or are starting with you, or are you looking to find a gaming community to join?
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I'm in a not entirely different situation. With a bunch of experience with games but not much Warhammer experience I know that how you approach such an endeavor will have a lot to do with how much enjoyment you get out of it. Based on my M:tG experience here's my general plan. I'm starting with Kill Team as a platform for a bigger project. There's a list of reasons for this but besides the economic reality of a classroom para in an emotional support classroom in a rustbelt public education situation not being able to splurge on a 2000 pts force like it's no thing... Those are more important here since you do either are or not able to pull off such a feat.
Here goes....
Starting with a kill team can not only give you a way to enjoy your bits sooner but also get a general feel for what your force feels like in action, build a foundation for a larger force and importantly a chance to change your mind without even having to get another codex. This is of huge importance. You may find you just don't like the play style of what you've made and you are much better off doing something else. I'm magic speak, one deck I play is Gifts Storm. Relatively speaking it's a pretty cheap modern deck which is pretty consistently a competitive deck... But if you don't love playing storm most people would rather mellonball out their own eyeballs then play an event with Gifts Storm. I guess I'm just saying starting small and expanding from there;
  • assemble basic kill team roster,
    expand until you've got your "most premium roster"
    evaluate your collection under the auspices of big 40k
    fill in any gaps and get them big guns

  • As a note, if you do change your mind it's probably most prudent to jump to a faction that shares a keyword to get max bang for your buck but worst case scenario you wind up with more than one kill team and can introduce someone to the game. Also, don't forget terrain (my current ratio plan is for every 3 units I build 1bit of terrain but after I build up my toy box that ratio will likely go down.

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