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Made in us
Spawn of Chaos

Good afternoon all, i hope you are safe and well. I am starting a Legion of Azgorh army and was thinking of adding some hero allies to my list. I have done some research and see a lot of people suggesting Chaos sorcerers. This suggestion does raise some questions.

They mention their abilities like Daemonic Power and Oracular Visions and how this is really good. The thing is, it states " Friendly Mortal Slaves to Darkness unit". So, how can you use them in your army if their abilities do not work on your units? Am I missing something? if so can you please clarify this and maybe lend some advice as to which hero/wizard could be a good ally for my army.

My list is quite simple;

4 heros - Still deciding but definitely 1 daemonsmith.
3 - 30 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives
2 - 20 x Infernal Ironsworn
2 magma cannons

Thanks again in advance.

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Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Alas, the Chaos Sorcerer no longer works on Legion of Azgorh. My allies of choice for them have been Gutrot Spume and 5 blightkings, plague priest, blue scribes with endless spell of choice, slaughter priest(s), Daemon prince of Khorne and mindstealer sphiranx cat recently, contorted epitome....in any permutation you like.

Many folks like the forbidden power bridge and boatman for the slowpoke infantry of Azgorh. I’ve notnused then but seem to be pretty solid. Blue scribes and prearranging the models are key to making those spells work.
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