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Kildare, Ireland

Page grabs that PSC have released from the upcoming Battlegroup NorthAG rulebook...

 Strombones wrote:
Battlegroup - Because its tits.
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Dakka Veteran

Central Valley, California

I'm looking forward to this, keep the pics coming thank you.

~ Shrap

Rolling 1's for five decades.
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Made in us
Powerful Phoenix Lord

Yep, I'm anxious to start this project, though it's on hold right now due to my buddy and I not sure we can go full-tilt on it at the moment. I have too many "big dog" projects going on just now.

Love the layout and style they went with for the rulebook though.
Made in us
Napoleonics Obsesser


I enjoyed seeing a Nuclear Strike chit.....

Do you like Free Wargames?
Made in us
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Photos of the models are awful.....would like to see nicely painted models, looks rushed

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