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California Wilderness

In the court of Haakon II – King of Norway (one of several claiming kingship).
The king is concerned. Although Christianity is established well enough in the main cities, paganism still exists in the more remote areas of the kingdom. Rumor has it his favorite cousin, Ragnar the Unlucky, his staunchest supporter, is missing, having disappeared in battle against some upstart in Western Scotland that seems bent on pilfering his territories. And as if that weren’t enough, civil war is rearing its ugly head all over the place, every shirt-tail relative demands a piece of the kingdom. His hold on the throne is tenuous, at best. What to do?
Eggil the Wise, the king’s favorite counselor, suggests a diversion. There is a restless chieftain in the far north, Halfdan the Varangian, who still practices the old ways. He is one of the last Norsemen to serve in Mikklagard. He has wealth from his service, but his village is poor.
The army should include every pagan you can find; especially the those highly disfavored by the archbishop: like shieldmaidens and the last remnants of the ulfhednar. Don’t forget to include some Christians too, but only those who oppose your kingship. If they win, you will gain glory by extension. If they lose, you are only rid of enemies anyway. Either way your position in the civil wars will be stronger.
Excellent said the King. Tell Halfdan, I give him a title but no lands. Those he must win on his own by the spear. In exchange for his village up north, give him ships, money and the authority to raise troops. Scrounge up a unit of hirdmen, valiant men who would serve me better far away, then here. Oh, and tell him to take my crazy cousin Astrid Firehair, she can be his standard bearer. The archbishop will be glad to see her out of the palace…
And find out what happened to Ragnar the Unlucky. I liked him

The Norse Command: Lagerthe the Hot, Astrid Firehair, Gorm the Pius, Ragnar Bearbreeches & Halfdan the Varangian

The Islemen command: Njal the Fierce, Somerled the Mighty & Black Angus

The army Lists
Commanding : Jarl Halfdan the Varangian & Astrid Firehair (ABS)
Sub-commanders: Gorm the Pius, Ragnar Bearbreeches & Lagertha the Hot
Unit Nickname W&C name per army list
24 Favorites (Hirdmen) - so called because they are my favorite Viking figures
24 Mermaids (Veteran Bondi) - so called because their flag has a mermaid
24 Shieldmaidens (Viking Raiders)
24 White Dragons (Bondi) - so called because their flag has a white dragon
36 Fred’s Vikings (Bondi) - so called because I got them from my brother Fred
18 Leftovers (Thralls) - left over Viking Figs
15 Wolfskins (Ufhednar)

The Islemen
Commanding: Somerled Mor & Saor Mac Neil (ABS)
Sub-commanders: Black Angus the Bull, Njel the Fierce

Unit Nickname W&C name per army list
21 The Bulls (Allied Viking Hirdmen) - they have a Bull flag
24 Highland Wolves (Best of the Islemen) - they have a Wolf flag
24 Islemen (Islemen)
24 Southpaws (Islemen) - so called because all figs are lefthanded
12 Galwegians Galwegians
24 Bowmen (Highland Warriors - bow)
8 Scouts (Scouts)
24 Gall-Ghàidheil (Allied Viking Bondi)

Automatically Appended Next Post:
The Traditional Opening:
The armies have drawn up on the high ground either side of a long valley. Brunhilda the skald, advances to a suitable spot to begin the traditional exchange of insults.
“You knock-kneed, bandy-legged, lily-livered sons of a hamster! Your spears are stout as tall grass! Your swords as deadly as a mild summer breeze! Your shields are about as tough as last weeks porridge with too much water added to feed unexpected guests at the end of the month!
“Let me answer them, my Lord. I know just the thing to say!” Begged Njal the fierce.
‘Then give it to them where it hurts,” said Somerled the Mighty.
“Oh yeah! Sez you!” cried Njel.
“Thank you, that was very helpful to me,” said Somerled. Round one to the Norsemen he thought.

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Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
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California Wilderness

TURN ONE: Islemen have initiative, make Norsemen go first
The Norsemen leave their ridge and advance into the valley. Their best troops are arrayed in the center of the line.
The Islemen advance in echelon to the right, hoping to roll up the Norse left. It some remarkedly bad shooting, the 24 Highland bowmen on the left flank only inflict one casualty on Fred’s Vikings.

TURN TWO: Islemen gain initiative again & elect to go first
The 24 Highland bowmen continue to miss the broad side of a barn and inflict only one casualty on Fred’s Vikings.
The Isemen’s advance in echelon results in three attacks on the right and right center.
1. The men of Galloway attack the Wolfskins in the woods on the Islemen right. The Wolfskins get the better of the fight (2 kills – 0), but the men of Galloway grimly hang on.
2. Somerled joins Dermot Maguire’s Irish mercenaries (The Bulls) and after weathering the javelins of Hrolf the Hapless’ Thralls (Left-overs - 1 loss), the Irishmen inflict a crushing defeat (5 kills – 0) on the Thralls, but they escape the pursuit.
3. Somerled’s son Doughal, leads his father’s best Islemen (Highland Wolves) against the White Dragons lead by Ragnar Bearbreeches (because my Norse armies must always have a Ragnar). In a very close fight (3 kills each), the Islemen emerge victorious, the Norsemen flee and are overrun. But is this (drawing away the best Scots units into a pursuit) all part of a “Cunning plan?”

On their turn, the Norsemen advance on the left center of the Islemen. This results in two new attacks (besides the continuing fight in the woods).
1. The men of Galloway continue their unequal fight as long as they could but are eventually defeated by the Wolfskins (4 kills to 3), they flee and are overrun.
2. In the center, Halfdan joins Bjorn Ragnarsson’s veteran Bondi (Mermaids) and assault the Islemen of Malcom of Islay, led personally by Njal the Fierce. The veterans make short work of the outclassed Islemen (4 kills – 1). They are routed and overrun. Njal is wounded, but escapes.
3. In the left center, the Hirdmen of Brynjar Bearlsayer, (Favorites) led by Gorm the Pius, make short work of the Gall-Ghàidheil (4 kills to 0). The latter routes, but escapes and rallies.

TURN THREE: Norsemen siege the initiative
The Norsemen ignore the damage to their own left center and continue the assault of the Islemen right.
1. The Gorm the Pius again attacks the Gall-Ghàidheil. The Norsemen are striking their brothers down left & right (5 kills to 1), but the Gall-Ghàidheil miraculously hang on.
2. On the Islemen far left, Dagfin & Fred’s Vikings finally gets in charge range. The Highlanders are not arrayed in a formation to receive a charge, so they let loose their bows (causing 4 kills) and withdraw behind the crest of the hill in disorder – but they escape.

Realizing he is about to be in a really bad way, Black Angus takes command of the Islemen of Robert of Skye (southpaws) and attacks the Norse Shieldmaidens. It will be an uphill fight.
1 Highland scouts manage to take out 1 wolfskin with javelins
2. The shieldmaidens get the best of the Islemen (4 kills to 2) but Black Angus stubbornly hangs on.
3. Down to half strength, the Gall-Ghàidheil hang on in spite of losses (5 to 1).

The Thralls finish their route and leave the battlefield. The Highland Bowmen rally and form up on the reverse slope – they are now in a better position to receive the charge,

TURN 4: The Norse keep up the pressure
1.The wolfskins attack the Highland skirmishers in the woods – it’s a massacre
2. The Gall-Ghàidheil continue to hang tough – getting the better of this round (1-0).
3. Black Angus & the lefties continue their heroic resistance of shieldmaidens, they manage to halt their momentum – fight continues on.

Somerled’s victorious formations (Bulls & Highland Wolves) have turned and are marching on the center. Other fights continue.
1. The Gall-Ghàidheil have made a suitably heroic last stand (4 survivors out of 24) but finally are dispersed.
2. Black Angus continues his stubborn fight against the shieldmaidens.

TURN 5: Norsemen continue to hold initiative
After finally seeing their foes off, the Mermaids and the Hirdmen turn to face the returning Somerled – but there is quite a distance to travel before contact. Fred’s Vikings crest the hill to find the reverse slope occupied by the rallied highland bowmen. Only one battle:
1. The bards are impressed and begin working on their poems to describe Black Angus’ heroic struggle against the shieldmaidens. Black Angus & Lagertha are both cut down.

Somerled advances to within charge range.
1.The Highland bowmen inflict 6 kills on Fred’s Vikings.

Determined to get their revenge and recover the fallen Black Angus, the Islemen rally and turn to face their tormentors

TURN 6: Norse continue to hold initiative (because Scots can’t roll worth beans)
The veterans form shieldwall & the Hirdmen advance to cover their left flank. Only one fight:
1. The Islemen fight to the last but manage to recover Black Angus. Is he killed, or only “mostly dead?”

Somerled is finally in position, as night begins to fall. However, he has one last fight in him. He leads his Irish mercenaries in a charge against the veteran mermaids. Somerled gets the best of them (2 kills – 0) but night ends the conflict before a decision can be made,
The Islemen have suffered a severe setback. At least their two best units are still largely intact. Other units fought heroically, but the enemy’s better armor told (Kyle was ridiculously successful with armor saves) Something to build on. The struggle will continue.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
After a thorough investigation, though much only rumor, Halfdan has discovered one possible fate of Ragnar.
Ragnar the Unlucky managed to escape the pursuit of his routed army by taking on a new name and identity. After many adventures, most of which seemed plagued by ill luck, he made his way to Byzantium. Now penniless, with only his trusty sword “Ankle-biter” to his name, and wanting to start a new life, Ragnar changes his name to Athos and joins the celebrated Varangian Guard. The guard, having lost its original Norse character, now recruits just about anyone from Northwest Europe.
Ragnar was always brave enough but seems to always only exist for the amusement of Loki. After no small amount of misadventures, he is eventually recognized and expelled from the guard. He eventually makes his way back to England, but not until after being shipwrecked at least twice, much to the delight of Loki.
There Ragnar gives up on his previous life of adventure. Living a simple life, he drifts from town to town. His lack of ambition finally allows him to see beauty where others cannot, so he finds regular work mucking out the stables and settles down with Gisella, the beautiful daughter of Robin the dung gatherer. They are happy, if not prosperous. One day they have a long-awaited son. “His name shall be Baldric,” declares Ragnar.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Fred's Vikings advance past the Tavern of the Golden Dragon (note customers) & the dice jail

Best of the Norsemen - The favorites & the Mermaids

A Viking party


The fight in the woods:

Last stand of the southpaws

The last fight

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Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [Ahmed is given a Viking sword] I cannot lift this.
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terrific fun many thanks!
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