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Angry Chaos Agitator


Calling all Astartes Commanders! Terra charges you to select any army in 40k and design the strongest Loyalist Astartes list possible to mount up in a Thunderhawk and show them the fury of the Emperor!

Thunderhawk mk1: 1448 pts = 552 Pts Astartes Force
Thunderhawk mk2: 1508 pts = 492 Pts Astartes Force

The Thunderhawk Feast of Blades is a once in Millenia contest where each of the honored chapters of Astartes selects a small representative taskforce to send to Terra for the ultimate honor, to serve from "The Claw of Terra", a pitch black Battlebarge rumored to have been a flagship of the Emperor himself in the Crusade. They will face off against one of humanities greatest foes and on one of mankinds most desperate battlefields and they WILL prevail! Each of these Astartes forces will be deployed via the iconic Thunderhawk, outnumbered 20:1 (4:1 in actual game terms).

Their mighty transport is a flying titan that can carry 30 (15 Primaris/Terminators), subtracts 12" from enemy weapon ranges, while mainting its own and still -1 to bs. It has a 3+/5++ save. 4 twin heavy bolters, 2 lascannon and either of 2 formidable primary weapons with an additional bank of long range Hellstrikes optional.

When the hawk project is done, I'll be building out these armies to character level for each model since the model count will be low, and if your list is selected (unless you chose a named character) you may name the commander and provide input on their build, to represent themselves on the tabletop!

Making all comers lists will be impossible, so instead, each force will be tuned with an opposing army in mind, specifically to take on the most common builds of that army's meta. I'm assuming that through the gauntlet of deployments one of these forces will rise to prominence and they will have the honor of representing 'The Claw of Terra' at tournaments.

Thunderhawks have 2 point variants giving the lists 60 pts of play, but keep in mind that you are trading one of the Hawks primary weapon systems, so those 60pts need to make up for the loss of 4 72" s8 -3 d3.

Please include the name of your Character with your list and, the selected Thunderhawk variant (if not both):
Thunderhawk Gunship mk1: 1448 pts (552 Pts)
Thunderhawk Gunship mk2: 1508 pts (492 Pts)
Include the opposing force your army is tailored to kill as well as all relevant tactica on how best to use the army against your chosen foe.

Inspired by the Astartes series on youtube, This army is a thought experiment to go with my long planned Covid19 inspired Thunderhawk build. I AM going to be putting this model down on tables, and I want to pair it with an iconic force of marines from each 1st founding chapter. That said, the Thunderhawk isn't considered the most competitive LOW choice, (though im convinced its meta breaking nature will make it more competitive than first glance), but the Marines that go with it need to make up for this by being able to hit way above their 500pt weight class.

Please don't reply with disses and opinions about the meta viability of the Thunderhawk or about what a bad idea this is. This is a fun contest where the winners get to see their taskforce and characters come to life and start kicking ass around the galaxy in a Thunderhawk against the hated [Insert 40K Army].

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! Ill be editing this post as the submissions come in with the Winners names and lists. Dont be afraid to submit multiple lists for armies or enemies already represented, all contestants and entries will be considered. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with and may the Best chapter win!

+The Champions+

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I have some lists of my own but I came up with the idea for the contest as a fun way to get input from veteran players who are dedicated to their respective chapters and know through experience the best way to take on whatever enemy they kill best. For the Emperor!

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