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Elusive Dryad

Good morning,

I'm trying to make a good Ossiarch Bonereapers 1,000 point army list, and here's what I've got. I was hoping someone could give me their opinions. I'm expecting a random battleplan from GHB2019 on a 6'x4' board.

1,000/1,000 pts.
Sub-Faction: Petrifex Elite
Leige-Kavalos [General]
Boneshaper [Empower Nandrite Weapons]

Kavalos Deathriders [lances] x5
Mortek Guard [spears] x20

Mortek Crawler

Endless Spell:
Bone-tithe Shrieker

I have been debating on replacing the Mortek Crawler with a Gothizzar Harvester, but with the harvester I worry about being able to deal with counters to my battleline, like Kharadron Overlords or a mounted army like IDK. I don't know if having the harvester on top of my boneshaper and tanky sub-faction choice would be overkill for my Mortek Guard. What do you think?
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