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Beaverton OR

Hey everyone, I'm thinking of starting a psy heavy Grey Knights army and I was wondering about this as a very basic starter list:

Librarian in Terminator Armor with Force Sword and combi-melta 116 (warlord: Tenacious Survivor and Cuirasse of Sacrifice)
Librarian in Terminator Armor with Force Sword and storm-bolter 103

x2 Terminator Squad w/ 4 terminators with force sword and storm bolter, one with force sword and psycannon, and a justicar with a demon hammer 454 (227 each)

x2 Doomglaive dreadnought with storm bolter 324 (162 each)

Everyone knows the gate of infinity power.



So, my thoughts are to start off turn one using gate of infinity to get my dreads close enough to the enemy's biggest threats that I can move them in close, blast, then charge for the kill. My terminators do the same with their teleport strike (hopefully combining a terminator squad, a librarian, and a dread together in two strike squads to ensure that the two biggest targets of the opponents army are killed turn one!)

Now, I'm still pretty new to 8th edition and this is literally the first time I'm even messing with psychic stuff. I'm sure that this list could be improved about a million times over and that's why I'm posting it here :-) Any help would be appreciated!
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Journeyman Inquisitor with Visions of the Warp


Tenacious Survivor and Cuirasse of Sacrifice don't stack--you would only get a single roll of 5+ from the Cuirasse to ignore damage. (This is a change from the base rulebook--there is a FAQ that made the adjustment to only every be able to make one Ignore Wounds roll.)

Daemon hammers are not worth it on a Terminator Justicar. With four attacks hitting on 4s, that's only two hits! And he might just die before reaching combat, wasting your 13pts.

Terminators are really not great when compared to Paladins. If you can find the points, upgrade them.

Dreadnoughts are surprisingly not resilient. In fact, they are really quite fragile. A good dreadnought build is a Venerable Dread with lascannon and missile launcher. Give him Astral Aim. Now he's sitting waaaay back, behind a wall (so the enemy can't shoot him) and dealing out anti-tank firepower that hits on 2s with no way to kill him!

Compare a dreadnought to a Dreadknight. A fist/flamer Knight is 144pts, while the Doomglaive is 162. The Nought is T7 W8 3+. The Knight is T6 W12 2+/5++. The extra wounds, the improved save, and the invulnerable all make it much more resilient despite the lesser toughness. And that point of toughness rarely matters. The ONLY thing it matters against is S7 and S12. There's quite a lot of plasma running around these days, but if they're shooting a Dreadknight they're overcharging anyhow, so then it's not S7 anymore. S12 usually only happens in combat...and if you're facing S12, you really are gonna want that invuln save!

Here's a couple 1000pt lists that I have that are pretty fun to play. Powers are in parentheses.

Librarian with Sanctic Shard (Armourred Resilience, Ethereal Manipulation); WARLORD: First to the Fray
Librarian with Artisan Nullifier Matrix (Empyrean Domination, Warp Shaping)

Strike Squad x5 with halberds and psycannon (Vortex)
Strike Squad x5 with halberds and psycannon (Gate)
Strike Squad x5 with halberds and psycannon (Astral Aim)

Apothecary with halberd (Hammerhand)
Paladin x10 with 6 falchions, 2 warding staves, 2 halberds (Sanctuary)

This list starts with the Pals on the board in the center. Shard Libby stands behind Pals to cast onto them. Gate and Astral Aim GKSS start on the board to cast onto the Pallies. Matrix Libby stands in the back to give Tides support.

Regardless of whether you go first or second, you'll likely want to just stay in Shadows the entire game. This will have your 10x Paladins at 1+/4++, -1 to hit, -1 to wound. They probably want to Gate up, too. Just make sure one straggles back into Warlord aura range so you can reroll charges.
Use Psybolts to have 40 S5 AP-1 shots that ignore line of sight and cover.
If they get targeted by any multi-damage weapons, use Redoubtable Defence!

Apothecary and Vortex GKSS are in reserve. T2 Apothecary comes down and heals/resurrects a Paladin. The Vortex hits something juicy hopefully (don't forget Psychic Channeling for that one).


Librarian with Sanctic Shard (Edict Imperator, Inner Fire)
Librarian with Matrix (Empyrean Domination, Warp Shaping)
GMDK with psycannon, psilencer, hammer (Purge Soul, Vortex), WARLORD: Lore Master

Strike Squad x5 with halberds and psilencer (Sanctuary)
Strike Squad x5 with halberds and psilencer (Astral Aim)
Strike Squad x5 with halberds and psilencer (Gate)

Dreadknight, 2 fists, incinerator, teleporter (Sanctuary)
Dreadknight, 2 fists, incinerator, teleporter (Vortex)

Again, you're gonna wanna stay with Tide of Shadows for probably the entire game with this one. Unlike a 10-man Paladin blob, the Dreadnights are MUCH easier to just toe terrain for that lovely 1+ save and -1 to hit.

GMDK gets Sanctuary from the GKSS so he's at a 3++ and gets Gated forward to put some mortal wound hurt out (Purge Soul + Vortex can do a lot of work).

Both NDKs stay in reserve and drop in on T2 to create crazy threats.

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Additional Info:

If you don't know what a lot of my terms are (like "Tides," "Shadows," and many of the psychic powers and relics), then you haven't seen Ritual of the Damned yet!
It's a campaign book that added a load of goodies to GK and makes them incredibly more powerful. It took us from literal last-tier to a solid upper-middle tier.

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Regular Dakkanaut

Beaverton OR

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I had heard that the new book added to the GK but I didn't know how much! That's crazy!

Looks like I'm gonna have to buy yet another GW book then :-)

...you know, as much as I like the GW books, I do get pretty sick of always having to buy new ones...
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