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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

California Wilderness

Last November I sold my Macedonian army and bought a new one. After six months of painting, they are finally ready for the table.
The Macedonians are all Wargames Foundry - except mercenary hoplites which are Old Glory.
The gallery of entire army can be found here: https://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-122837-63103_Macedonians%202.html
The picture's here are mostly "eagle eye view"

Macedonians Thracians
Right Wing: Alexander
8 Companion cavalry
8 Prodomoi Lancers
16 Agrianian light infantry

Center: Craterus
12 Thracian light infantry
12 Thracian light infantry
18 Hypapists
18 veteran phalanx (Coenus)
18 phalanx (Craterus)
18 Phalanx (Meleager)
16 Mercenary Archers

Left Wing: Parmenion
9 Thessalian cavalry
6 Thracian light cavalry
6 Merc Greek Light cavalry Facing Macedonian right wing:
Wing Commander
8 Getae horse archers
3 x 6 skirmish cavalry

21 w/ Thracian Highland warriors w/ Rhomphaia
24 Thracian Highland warriors
2 x 24 Thracian Lowland warriors
3 x 9 skirmishers w/ javelins
1 x 9 skirmishers w/ sling

Facing Macedonian left wing
Wing commander
2 x 10 Noble heavy cavalry
8 Getae horse archers

Alexander's view of the start o fthe battle

Army list notes: Thematically, Coenus should be the infantry commander, but it makes more sense list-wise to have the extra leadership with the center unit. The battle took place on a level plane between two hilltops – let’s call it “Athena’s Saddle.”
Rules: War & Conquest by Rob Broom
Note in these rules that who goes first can vary from turn to turn

Turn 1: Macedonian initiative

Not much happens as both sides advance with a race for hilltops.
Mercenary archers take out 2 slingers

Turn 2: Macedonian initiative

Left flank: Mercenary archers show their worth by taking out 4 noble cavalry;
Macedonian Thracian cavalry chase horse archers off the hill (no casualties either side)
Center: Macedonian Thracians break & overrun two units of skirmishers, but get caught up in pursuit and break on the line of regulars.
Meanwhile on right flank, Agrianians fail to take out a single horse archer; Alexander & Companions advance cautiously – not wanting to become pin cushions too early.

Right(Mac left): 1 unit of Noble cav charge Allied Greek Light, they fall back behind Thessalians;
In the ensuing melee between Nobles & Thessalians, both sides suffer 2 casualties. The weakened unit of Nobles tries to get to Merc archers, but they suffer 2 casualties to bow fire and loose heart (route).
Macedonian Thracian cavalry catch horse archers and destroy them
Center: Infantry advance to charge range, slingers take out 2 of Meleager’s phalanx.
Left (Mac right): Skirmish cavalry kill one companion with javelins

Turn 3: Thracian initiative:

Right (Mac left): Nobles (3 killed) &Thessalians (2 killed) keep up their hard fight – no clear winner yet
2nd Nobles rally, but are far off and severely weakened (4/10 left)
Center: huge infantry fight #/# = casualties, Macedonian casualties listed first:
Lowlanders v Meleager’s phalanx: 2/5; lowlanders break & are overrun – but pursuit (12”) takes them out of rest of battle:
Lowlanders (+ king) v Craterus’ phalanx: 1/2 = deadlocked
Highlanders v Coenus’ phalanx: 5/2 = defeated, but Coenus disciplined veterans stay
Highlanders (Rhomphaia) v Hypaspists: 0/3 = defeated but discipline holds
Left (Mac right): skirmishers take out another companion with javelins

Left Flank:
Macedonian Thracian cavalry harass smaller Noble cav unit – who are helpless to stop it
Greek Merc light cavalry have rallied and maneuver to flank of Noble/Thessalian fight.
But they are too late as Nobles finish off Thessalians (4/2) – the latter are overrun
Macedonian archers cause slingers to route.
The Macedonians are being roughly handled – but barely hang on
Lowlanders v Craterus’ phalanx: (3 Mace/ 2 Thrac)
Highlanders v Coenus’ phalanx: (3 Mac/ 4 Thrac) (Tharacians make 6/12 armor saves needing 6)
Highlanders (Rhomphaia) v Hypaspists: (3 Mac/3 Thrac)
Mostly Thracians are fleeing before Alexander & Companions; his charge, redirect and a sympathy route causes one skirmisher & 2 skirmish cavalry units to flee.
Lancers advance to hill crest (couldn’t charge horse archers who were out of sight on reverse slope)
Agrianians rally and shift left to get into position to help hard pressed Hypapists

Thracians do an incredible job rallying fleeing light troops. Needing a 5 on D12 to rally, they rally 4/4.

Turn 4: Macedonian Initiative

Left Flank:
Macedonian archers fire chases off slingers for good
Macedonian Thracians finish off what is left of 2nd Nobles with javelins
Greek Light cav are ineffective v 1st Nobles
Thracians are slowly wearing phalanxes down, they hang on, but won’t last much longer
Agrianians do a “glancing attack” on Highlanders (romphaia) – but get worst of it (3/4)
Lowlanders v Craterus’ phalanx: (3/3)
Highlanders v Coenus’ phalanx: (4Mac/2Thrac)
Highlanders (Rhomphaia) v Hypaspists (5Mac/4Thrac):
Merc Hoplites in reserve have maneuvered into rear support of Coenus
Right Flank:
Alexander overruns pesky skirmish infantry – at least they got their revenge for earlier shooting loss
Lancers chase off the horse archers

Right (Mac Left) – not much action here
King & lowlanders finally break & overrun Craterus’ phalanx (king has suffered 2 wounds)
Highlanders finally break & overrun Coenus’ veterans, but crash into reserve hoplites
Highlanders (Rhomphaia) v Hypaspists: Highlanders just hang on with lucky armor save (3/6 on Dr6)
Left (Mac right) not much going on here

Turn 5 – Macedonian initiative (Alexander helps them win this a lot)
Greek light cavalry finally finish off Nobles with harassing javelin fire
Macedonian archers kill 4 lowlanders shooting them in the back.
Agrianians & Hypapists finally kill off highlanders (romphaia) who die to last man
Merc Hoplites destroy what is left of highlanders who has defeated Coenus’ veterans
Thracians surrender

The fates: (survivors/at start)

Macedonians Thracians
Right Wing: Alexander
6/8 Companion cavalry
8/8 Prodomoi Lancers
12/16 Agrianian light infantry

Center: Craterus
0/12 Thracian light infantry
0/12 Thracian light infantry
9/18 Hypapists
0/18 veteran phalanx (Coenus)
0/18 phalanx (Craterus)
14/18 Phalanx (Meleager)
16/16 Mercenary Archers

Left Wing: Parmenion
0/9 Thessalian cavalry
6/6 Thracian light cavalry
6/6 Merc Greek Light cavalry Facing Macedonian right wing:
Wing Commander
0/8 Getae horse archers
06. 6/6 & 6/6 skirmish cavalry

0/21 w/ Thracian Highland warriors w/ Rhomphaia
0/24 Thracian Highland warriors
12/24 Thracian Lowland warriors
0/24 Thracian Lowland warriors
0/9, 0/9, 0/9 skirmishers w/ javelins
0/9 skirmishers w/ sling

Facing Macedonian left wing
Wing commander
0/10, 0/10 Noble heavy cavalry
0/8 Getae horse archers

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I have some photos of game, but forgot to reduce them to a decent size.
Will post later

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