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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


Second attempt

Brigade Detachment Order: Bloody Rose

No Force Org Slot

Repentia Superior Bolt pistol, Relic: Wrath of The Emperor


Canoness Chainsword, Heroine in the Making, Null Rod, Relic: Beneficence, Warlord Trait: 2. Righteous Rage

Canoness Brazier of Holy Fire, Chainsword, Condemnor Boltgun, Relic: (Braizer of Eternal Flame or litanies of faith)

Missionary Autogun and Laspistol


2x Battle Sister Squad - 4x Battle Sister: 4x Boltgun, Sister Superior: Boltgun, + boltpistol

4x Battle Sister Squad - 4x Battle Sister: 4x Boltgun, Sister Superior: Boltgun, handflamer


Imagifier Relic: Book of St. Lucius, Tale of the Stoic, Tale of the Warrior, Venerated Saint, Warlord, Warlord Trait: 5. Indomitable Belief

2 x Sisters Repentia - 9x Sisters Repentia:
Sisters Repentia - 8x Sisters Repentia:

Geminae superior

Celestian Squad 6x celestian + 2Celestian with meltagun+ simulacrum imperialis + sister superior with hand flamer

Fast Attack

Seraphim Squad - 2x Seraphim: Bolt pistol 2x inferno pistol Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol

Seraphim Squad - 2x Seraphim: Bolt pistol 2x inferno pistol Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol

Seraphim Squad - 4x Seraphim: Bolt pistol Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol

Heavy Support

3x Mortifiers Anchorite: 2x Heavy bolter, 2x Penitent Flails

Fortification Network (Imperium - Adepta Sororitas)


Battle Sanctum

Outrider Detachment Order: our martyred lady


Judith Eruita

Fast attack
3 x dominion squad + 4 storm bolters

Dedicated transport

4x sororitas rhino
Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Denver, CO, USA

Looks fun and fighty, but you might wind up missing Exorcists when it's all done. What's the plan for the OML Rhinos? I would trade your Geminae for Preachers for the extra attack. Also, I'd love a rundown on how Junith and the Dominions will synergize... I think you could probably flip and do an OML brigade and a BR vanguard.

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


I debated the preacher but wanted a couple of games under my belt to see if i needed a back up or if the missionary was sufficient.

The geminae was a loan model so i could have a loan cheap backfield character objective holder.

Rhinos the celestine squad 3 x repentia with missionary smash cannoness and repentia superior. Amongst the repentia.

If im going second what i do is very reactive to my opponent

If T1 basic rhino plan is forward 12" + adv then T2 jetison contents 3" forward before moving 12 and leading the charge to soak overwatch.

with miracle dice for the celestine squad and one repentia squad and the reroll charges from superior theres a decent chance of getting a couple in.

The imagifier with 9" bubble should have moved and adv twice and while not as fast I should be able to get it in range if i tentacle the squads Junith will support the rhinos as when combined with the imagifier stacks the inv on the BR contents from any exploded rhino.

If the dominions are in buff range great but with the storm bolter strat their a threat independently sat on mid table objectives and if they die more miracle dice.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I like it but like a broken record I will ask "do you really want 4 rhinos and no inquisitor when you could have 3 and a one unit psyker powerhouse with a melta or plasma gun that can snipe?

malleus + range weapon + -1 cp (extra psyker activation, known spell, and deny each round, plus a free relic) for somewhere between 66 and 70 points is a pretty good trick. If you want, you can make her into a "I shut down overwatch for THAT unit and my sisters charge it, and oh, I psychic pursuit you and will be sniping with my meltagun again."

To accompany bloody rose, maybe an inquisitor with an inferno pistol and a powersword, who is -1 to be wounded, but can slip folks into melee and occasionally dominate the enemy into shooting each other, and, of coruse, any non-vehicle inquisitor can hop in a rhino too.

I know I shouldn't post so often, but I really miss this game, or just going out, or fresh produce, or any of the comforts of life before we started living in the Corona-Grimdark. 
Made in fi
Decrepit Dakkanaut

U02dah4 wrote:

Rhinos the celestine squad 3 x repentia with missionary smash cannoness and repentia superior. Amongst the repentia.

Just one tiny little problem. Repentia, smash canoness etc are bloody rose. Rhinos martyred lady. If unit has <order> rhino can only carry that <order> unit.

Move rhino's to bloody rose detachment.

Units without <order> like arco flagelants can hop to any rhino.

Also would search points for storm bolters to basic squads. Some chaff clearing to clear route for repentia etc. And at least hand flamers to 3rd seraphim squad again for chaff clearing.

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12 factions for Lord of The Rings
11772 pts(along with lots of unpainted unsorted stuff)
5265 pts
5150 pts
~3200 pts Knights

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


thanks on the rhino point id missed the order limitation luckily I hadn't started painting them yet and grey plastic is easy to swap

i debated the IQ as i love them in my other armies but with the rhinos im not sure i need the terrify.

plus the main function is to push the CC units forward and protect them including the celestian squad going down to 3 means footslogging either a repentia or my most expensive squad
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