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Returning to the hobby, advice needed on Eldar.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Drifting Cronos Hungry for Souls


I’m returning to the hobby after a long time away and I’m looking into a new army.

I own Chaos Knights currently, but I’m looking into getting a second army.

The only army I’ve not painted or played is Craftworld Eldar, but I’ve heard some rumours that they’re not going to be around as of next edition, that all the Eldar are getting rolled up into Ynnari or that they’re being squatted since they’ve not had a major model overhaul for some time, is that true?

Second, are they any good in 8th Ed?

What are they like to paint?

Mr Mystery wrote:Suffice to say, if any of this is actually true, then clearly Elvis is hiding behind my left testicle, and Lord Lucan behind the right.
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Swift Swooping Hawk

I think the details of their death has been greatly exaggerated.
If anything it looks like the ynarri are more dead on arrival than the craftworlds.
Craftworlds are a bit like marines in that they have a very big range so they have a lot of flexibility in terms of build. They've been good throughout the edition, that range of units really helps in that regard.
They have some great models for painting and can look decent with simple jobs or you can get really intricate and fancy if you prefer.
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Regular Dakkanaut

I doubt they’re going anywhere, especially since they got new banshees when PA launched. They have some really nice models but be aware that much of the range is still finecast.

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Swift Swooping Hawk

Outside of the aspects and the special characters not that much of the range is finecast. Hopefully the banshees and Jain zar are the first in a range refresh.
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