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Regular Dakkanaut

Hello all!

I've been collecting,painting and gaming in the 40k universe since I was 13 (1992, wow I am OLD!!!).

Over that time I have collected many armies from many factions ( Eldar, Dark Angels, Tyranids and Orks to name but a few ) it has recently dawned on me that in my 20+ years of gaming I have never owned or played any form of Chaos army.

I have now decided to rectify this by starting a collection of my favorite legion, the Emperors Children.

My idea for the army is very much based on the concept of the old Sigvald character from Warhammer Fantasy I.E. absolutely pristine on the outside but completely corrupt within ( yes i know noise marines were not an original HH thing but I'd at least like them to look like they fit in).

As I play in a very casual group where army concept and theme is much more important than niggly rules issues I plan on using a lot of Forgeworld units as proxies (the idea being that they are all obsessed with maintaining the perfect visual image of themselves to others, no weathering effects on this army!!)

However, I have run into a problem. This is Noise Marines. I absolutely adore the concept, but rank the current GW models as number 2 in my all time least favorite models list ( if i had the money i would have bought about 20 of the special release noisey boi { or at least thats how i believe the younglings are spelling it these days } that came out a while ago. Alas my surname is not Rockerfeller or Getty)

These units would be running maximum sonic weaponry options ( otherwise why bother eh? )

Hailing from the time that GW had such things as Goffik Rokkaz, my personal preferences in a models "look" may well be a bit outdated but does anyone out there know of any models that may reasonably fit into 40k while maintaining that gloriously over the top musical aesthetic ( that is to say, armed with something that looks vaguely musical or could at least be converted to do so )?

I am absolutely not against conversion suggestions ( see "have collected Orks" above )

PS I was not sure what forum to post this in, hopefully I got the right one, if not, would a mod be so kind as to move it to the correct one, thank you.

PPS This armies theme song would definitely be " You're so vain"
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Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles

Somewhere in the bloody warp

Greetings princeyg, and welcome to the Glorious III Legion!

I like the sound of your army aesthetic (and love the song choice!) I see what you mean about the old GW noise marines - have you considered the FW Kakophoni? Only problem is their faces look pretty horrid - might not fit your army theme. Alternatively there are plenty of conversion bits offered by sites such as Kromlech or Spellcrow for Noise Marines - offering special shoulder pads, helmets and sonic weaponry which should work well with the current CSM models - or indeed any MkIII or MkIV marines you pick up - I think MkIV would best fit the aesthetic you have in mind.

Wish you best of luck with your new project! Let us know how it goes.

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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Hi! Thanks for the very quick response

As a child of the late seventies/growing up in the eighties I have a very eclectic taste in music

Yes, I was looking at the Kakophoni and have perused a number of different bits and bobs from Forgeworld (for example my termies are going to be the FW ones as are many other bits.

I was going to look at Kromlech in particular as I do like a lot of their stuff but wasn't sure if they fit the new up-scaled marines as I have only ever owned the chaos marines from Space Crusade and a few very tiny ones from epic.

I have a Dark Angels army that is currently suffering from the fact that I don't want to add primaris because they make the rest of my army look "a bit short for a stormtrooper" if you know what I mean.

I shall take your suggestions on board and see what I can do ( possibly this might be my first dakka painting log )

Thanks again (especially for the armour mk ideas.)

Ps Yes, I know I spell Armour with a U but I'm British Dammit!

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