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Hey everyone,

So I had a question about Games Workshop itself, and specifically: how they find and recruit new writers.

I've been a professional writer of very little fame for quite a few years now. I don't make very much money at it, but I've had a bit of success and I keep trying because that's what you do when you have a passion. Currently I'm attending an Ivy League college for a master's degree in creative writing and (fingers crossed), might even have found some interest pitching a 40k inspired TV show to the networks.

But that's neither here nor there really, more of a roundabout way of saying that I'm serious at what I do.

I've also been involved in one regard or another with GW products since I was a wee-young-lad. I cannot make the claim that I am in any way an “expert” on the various fluff or anything, but the Emperor knows I've read my share. I'm certain that in this I'm not alone. In fact, I wouldn't at all be surprised if several people reading this haven't also had dreams of working for GW, Black Library, or something related.

So, does anyone have any idea how one goes about actually getting involved with GW itself? About six or seven years ago I tried everything I could think to really contact them, but never really got anywhere with it. I have a feeling that their whole group might actually be very close-knit, and require an “in” of some kind to actually get accepted as a writer... but, obviously, I just don't know.

If anyone has any ideas about this aspect of the hobby I would LOVE to hear from them.

Regardless, thanks for reading this and may all your opponents roll ones!
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Do they hire Americans? I thought the Black Library authors and the dev team were all Brits.

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Black Library do take submissions every so often - link.

 AnomanderRake wrote:
Do they hire Americans? I thought the Black Library authors and the dev team were all Brits.

There used to be a requirement that you had to attend editorial meetings in Nottingham, but I'm not sure if that's still in place.
C.L. Werner is American and Henry Zou's an Australian. I'm sure there are other non-Brit writers.

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Also I'd not be too suprised if they haven't already GW moving to being more friendly to meetings over video conferancing.

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