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Made in us
Conniving Informer

Have Forgeworld given any news about when they will be opening?
Made in us
Steady Space Marine Vet Sergeant

San Jose, CA

nope @ least not for the US
Made in gb
Mighty Gouge-Horn

Anor Londo

I have to admit, after buying vouchers during the closure I’m a little concerned that when it reopens there will be either price rises and/or reduced
availability of stock.

I mean, GW recently announced a price increase, so maybe I’m not being totally paranoid?
Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka


I believe the general view is that FW doesn't hold anywhere near as much stock as the main studio. I know some people who had replacement part orders in have had emails to asy they are being posted at some point soon. I figure its going to open when the main factory opens - likely with reduced ability to stock items but coming back online

As for price rises and models that could be lost that's totally unknown. Heck around christmas AoS lost a good halfdozen or more models without much warning - esp since there was no "order until" date but instead "order till we run out"

Made in lt
Longtime Dakkanaut

I'm almost certain FW will increase their prices, even though there was a statement from WHTV they wouldn't. They did it last year as well, without even saying anything.

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