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Made in it
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey everyone it is great to be here.

I found my very old Eldar minis and I decided to give them a go!

So, i am totally new to 40k I had old minis but never used them (I am more a blood bowl player XD) me and a friend of mine agrees it is time to have a friendly game and here I am! Looking for some advices.

Both of us we are not too competitive players and we play for fun but there is no fun if one list is too weak compared to the other and I have the feeling that eldar are not easy to use. He will probably play Blood angels for the records both 500 pts

So here we go!

As craftworld I chose Lugganath (yeah a custom) mainly for their colours and their great Lore (which is really important to me)

We us Reinforcement (probably without command points since we both have to understand the game if it makes any sense to you guys)

- Craftworld attributes: Superior Shuriken (for sure) and Hail of doom OR Expert Crafters (any advice here?)


- Farseer,


Remants of Glory: Faolchu's Wing

Runes of fate: Doom (probably), Executioner OR Guide. Advices?

Warlord trait: Seer of the shifting Vector

Tot Pts: 110


- 10 Guardians, pts 80

- 5 Dire Avengers plus exharch (tot 6) double catapult, pts 69

- 4 Dire Avengers plus exharch (tot 5) double catapult, pts 58

Tot Pts: 207

Fast attack

- 3 Windriders, One with shuriken cannon

Tot Pts 62

Heavy Support

- 1 Falcon + Starcannon

Tot Pts 115

Tot 494

Thoughts or advices for a newbie like me?
Or even tactics Vs those monsters called space marines?

Thanks in advance!
Made in gb
Swift Swooping Hawk

Hi, that's the core of a nice little army. I'd go for masterful shots over expert crafters with what you have.
Everything else is up in the air until 9th drops unfortunately.
Made in it
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello there and thanks for answering.

Recently i had a thought.

I might drop the 10 guardians and one dire avenger (on the 6 men troop) and add 3 dark reapers with exharch with tempest launcher.
Also i might drop windriders too and add a vyper with a star cannon, just to have more firepower. Yeah i am scared of multiwounds infantry like Space marines XD

On Craftworlds traits: inteas of expert crafters (which i think it is useful mostly on my units with few but powerful shots like the falcon giving me free ReRoll) i might drop superior shuriken and add masterful shots.

Also on the farseer i might drop executioner and give guide to help my dark reapers to be SO deadly.

Anyway, speaking of 9th edition… at the moment we will just stick to 8th rules but there is only one fear… that they will make unplayable my minis (5th edition, i think?) if they just change the rules of tropps, infantries and aspect warriors it is fine to me, i mean i will just cut or add this unit or that one, my real fear is that they might force me to change ALL my minis because of, i don't know, new scale? or something. Do you think it might happen?

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Made in gb
Swift Swooping Hawk

Your models should be safe for years to come.
I'd concentrate on getting used to playing with the stuff you have now. Until we learn the new rules for ninth it's just a guessing game. If you see models you like then it's always a good choice, even if the rules aren't great.
Made in gb
World-Weary Pathfinder

Oxfordshire , UK

Superior Shuriken and Hail of Doom don't go too well together as, on your guardian for example, your shurikens go up to 16" range but the Hail of Doom benefit only kicks in at 12", which is what they were at before. Expert Crafters will help smaller units with fewer, more important shots. Aren't Lugganath famous artisans? Expert Crafters would definitely be fluffy. So also would Students of Vaul but your list only has one vehicle so that trainst would be wasted here.

For the sake of fluff, maybe Lugganath's superior shuriken and expert crafters would be good. On the table, you'd be giving your shuriken-armed units a little more breathing room.

Have you given thought to what Exarch traits you'd give your two Dire Avenger units? With your MSU approach I'd suggest Shredding Fire.

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