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Regular Dakkanaut

Hey all

I'm looking to buy some Tudor style buildings for Oldhammer. I've got all the plans from White Dwarf articles so I may build some of thise. Just wondering what scale I should be looking at when searching for such buildings on the internet - if I can avoid it I'd rather avoid people who sell primarily for tabletop games as they tend to be more expensive, so I'm thinking scale models might be a better source?

Also, looking through old battle reports, is the amount of terrain GW used (they don't seem to use a lot) any good for a game of Oldhammer (or even AoS), or are they using as little as possible due to the constraints of making a battle report?

Thanks in advance for any insight into this?
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Hardened Veteran Guardsman

By Oldhammer I assume you mean Warhammer Fantasy, 8th edition or older.

I played from about 4th edition to 8th edition and never used a lot of terrain. A couple of hills, 2 or 3 buildings and a forest or two were pretty much all we went with.
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Powerful Phoenix Lord

Terrain was always an issue for any game which uses large blocks or regiments of models. It's really just there for looks, and to occasionally have an impact on the game. If you want stuff in that style though, I can very enthusiastically recommend Ziterdes hard foam stuff - loads of buildings, and while shipping from Germany to the US makes it painfully expensive, it may be better in the UK.

I'd use as much terrain as you think is useful until it starts having a negative impact on the game. Also things like rivers with bridges are easy "concentration" points which can narratively impact a battle.
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NE Ohio, USA

For scale you're looking for 28mm-32mm stuff.
I think that's O gauge for model trains & about 1/35th-1/32nd scale model wise. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

On terrain:
The amount & types of terrain used will directly impact any game that uses rank & file units of infantry - be it WHFB, Napoleonics, Ancients, etc. The more you use, the harder it becomes (sometimes with serious rules interactions) to manoeuvre units in those types of ganes. It's much less an issue with skirmish type units - like what AoS or 40k uses.
Beyond creating a table that all players are happy enough with, there is no "right" amount of terrain. Well, unless you're re-creating something historical/well known.

Sources: There's sooo many companies making this stuff.... Just do a general search for what your looking for. And then, unless it's crazy expensive, just buy what you like best. Because as long as you play games in this scale you'll nearly always be able to use the buildings.
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