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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut


Brigade Stygies
Dominous phosphor and eradication ray divinations of the magos warlord phosphoenic relic
Enginseer fabrications of the artisan wl
Manipulous magnarii lance omniscient mask learnings of the genetor wl

4X vanguard
2x Ranger

1x hoplite
2x servitor

4x sydonian dragoon
2x 9 serberys raiders

2 x disintegrators belerous energy cannon
3 x Neutron laser onager with extra stubber

patrol Ryza
enginseer (actual Warlord for canticle) chorister technis warlord

Lucius vanguard
daedalosus monitor malevolous wl
1 x 10 corpuscarii
1 x hoplite
1 x ruststalker

basic plan raiders move and advance before game begins supported by a stygies strat on the dragoons and manipulous with the corpuscarii placed into deep strike
so T1 activate ryza canticle the raiders are shooting characters and then the raiders and dragoons hit CC with RR to hit +1 to charge +1 ap and 6's to W = +2 AP supported by rustalkers comming on from a board edge

corpuscarii DS T2 with the new strategem to take advantage of the T1's CC Hole and keep the enemy stuck in there deployment zone till t3

the vanguard hoplites and rangers advance into midfield to hold objectives there

with the servitors being used to zone out enemy DSers in the back field

with the the dunecrawlers and disintegrators holding objectives and takeing advantage of the dominous and enginseer auras of 6's to hit generateing extra hits and extra ap at half range with the ap buff being exchangeable on a turn by turn basis to allow my vehicles to fallback and fire

So basic CP consumed
4 extra warlords
1 extra relic
1 lucius deep strike
1 rustalkers outflank
1 conqueror on the draggons
1 ap2 on the corpuscarii
2 to swap to shroudspalm in my opponents t1

leaveing 4-5 cp

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