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Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

I'm new to Warhammer and built this Necron army... Everything seems right here but would like some advice if it is illegal or I am missing anything or could be more strategic

I think I will go with Nihilahk dynasty. I'm not sure which HQ Unit I want in my detachments but have these three which will be enough for my Battalion and my Outrider. Is there any way to squeeze in another detachment? How many do people normally play?


Cryptek with Chronometron and Staff of light
Overlord with Resurrection Orb and Staff of Light
Overlord with Resurrection Orb and Staff of Light


2x 5 Immortals with Tesla Carbine
2x 10 Warriors

--FAST ATTACK-- (this with an HQ makes up my Outrider detachment)

2x 3 Canoptek Scarab
3 Canoptek Wraith, 2 with Transdimensional Beamers and 1 Particle Caster


Annihilation Barge with Tesla Cannon

998 Points

Should my Immortals maybe take Gauss Blaster instead?

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Made in us
Unbalanced Fanatic

So do you have two start collecting boxes and a box of wraiths?

The general rule for detachment number is that you can take 1 detachment at 0-500 points, 2 at 501-1000, 3 at 1001-2000, and 4 at 2001-3000. Anything more and you should probably play apocalypse instead.
Made in ca
Fresh-Faced New User

I have 1 Start Collecting Necrons box , 1 Warriors and Scarabs box, 1 Wraith box, 1 Cryptek box
Made in us
Loyal Necron Lychguard

Working on it

I personally think 2 Overlords at 1k is a little much, I would consider using the smaller one that comes with the barge as a standard lord, gives you a new buff and is cheaper. Might give you enough points to add a couple warriors to one of your squads.

I think your Immortals are good with tesla, Gauss is a far more aggressive weapon imo. Your warriors cover the front lines marching midfield while your tesla immortals sit on objectives.

If you wanted to swing in the far other direction for your immortals a 10 man squad of gauss when paired with an HQ (say, a lord ) with the veil of darkness can be quite a lethal combination relatively speaking.

Other than all that I think you've got a good list, the detachments should blend well from 8th to 9th, you get 9CP now and when the switch to 9th happens it'll all fit in a battalion so I think youre set

<Dynasty> ~6500pts
War Coven of the Coruscating Gaze ~2500pts
Thrice-Damned Plague Corps ~3250pts
Cult of the Stoneborn Serpent ~2500pts
Admech (TBN) ~2250pts
Kabal of the Shattered Crown ~2250pts 
Made in us
Unbalanced Fanatic

Hovercrafty wrote:
I have 1 Start Collecting Necrons box , 1 Warriors and Scarabs box, 1 Wraith box, 1 Cryptek box
Then where are the 2x5 Immortals coming from?
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