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Made in se

Hey all! I'm returning to the hobby after some 12-13 years, last I played games I was around 18-19 years old, Death Korps of Krieg had just come out and we were all drooling over them.

And now I'm returning and I have at least a bit of money that I can put aside into a slowly building army.

I know there's a new edition on the horizon, and I know that the GW Codex-writers have worked on the Death Korps, but that still shouldn't stop me from getting in early, who knows, it could be anything from three months to three years before GW decides to publish a dedicated Death Korps army list for 9th edition.

So, here's my small attempt at making an army list with barely any experience in any GW games for over a decade.

Battalion Detachment - 500 pts

2x Death Korps Field Officers with hot shot lasguns. Commander has Old Grudges. Should I put relics on these guys? - 46 pts

1x Death Riders Command Squadron - 68 pts

2x 10-man Infantry Squads with Plasma guns, squad leaders have hotshot lasguns 114pts

1x 10-man Infantry Squad with Flamer (or grenade launcher, undecided), squad leader has hotshot lasgun 56 pts

Heavy support:
1x Basilisk Squadron (2 Basilisks), 1x command point Support Ace - Full Payload 216 pts


My overall idea is to open up the game with indirect and direct fire from the Basilisks whilst pushing objectives and soaking fire with my three infantry squads. The death riders are there to hunt vehicles (together with Basilisk fire) or assassinate characters (hopefully through Old Grudges), I have not yet decided if I'll spend a lot of games infiltrating them or just deploy them straight up and charge across no-man's land (or keep them as a safeguard for my basilisks).

The main reason for the flamer is that I was 1 point over when it was a plasma gun and it's always nice to have some guaranteed hits for guardsmen. However, it could be swapped for a Grenade launcher if I need something more MEQ focused.

Originally I ran a normal group of death riders. But I needed to squeeze a second officer in there to claim the Battalion bonus, and that pushed the size down to a Command Squad instead of a regular squad of Death Riders.

So, does any one have any thoughts on this build? Is there anything I should keep in mind going forward? Anything I would be better off dropping, or maybe something I have misunderstood in army composition?

Future expansion:

In moving forward with this list (assuming the list is worth running in the first place) I will be looking at primarily adding a Hellhound or two for 1000 points, possibly a third bassilisk and filling out with more infantry squads. I would like to squeeze in more death riders on a purely conceptual level, but if they proove inefficient, I might instead be looking for ways to add in a Breaching Drill, just to have that monstrosity start mulching any enemy backline or tanks that hang back. So around that points level, I would have something like 5 infantry squads, possibly some veterans, all the plasma guns I can fit, and then infantry-suport mechanization in the form of more bassilisks, hellhounds and the potential drill or riders. But I'll see how things shape up and how the points shake out. But it should give you a general idea of the type of gameplay I am intending to run not just with the army as it stands, but the army in the future as well.

Thank you for reading.

And remember, Cadia stands

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Forever ever more 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Note that you only get support ace on ONE of the two basilisks, I believe.

Nobody knows if DKOK will be gimped or buffed by the rewrite, but its likely the prices per model will go up across the board cause apparently, GW is upset people are buying and painting too many of their products to play.

You can't go wrong with basilisks, you just can't, but I often use a couple of griffin mortar carriers with surprisingly good results. They ignore cover and old grudges can give them a lot of wound rerolls.

I don't mean necessarily now, but when you get to further iterations of this list, the things that consume few or no cp are necessary for the gaurd. Rather than basilisks, manticores and griffin do the same job with more shots -- but don't kill your CP to do it.

Hi cp duo .. 2 basilisk = 216 points. One has tank ace (-1 cp) and the other has not. 2 cp will let you fire tank ace guy twice - 2d6(best of two on 2d6, really) shots of s9/-3/3 and the other guy's best of two on d6. So about 12 to 15 shots. Another CP is spent to get the privilage of using the detachment strategem that the baslisk requires to fire twice in one round.
Low cp duo
1 manticore with tank ace (-1 cp) and a griffin without it.
218 points. ZERO cp will let the manticore fire 2d6 shots of 10/-2/3 and the griffin fire best of two on d6. Sure, its not as strong a shot (6/-1/d3), but ignoring cover is a big step in helping it. So a Both guns together, a couple shots less, to be sure, but if you DO want to spend a SINGLE cp you can make the manticore fire direct line of sight at +1. And if you buy a second group of either basi or manti'griffi, the manti'griffi is the clear winner -- with the rate of fire still good despite the strategem only working on 1 of FOUR basilisks. (Hint, that is the one that blew up, so no tank ace for you!)

With old grudges, and some careful planning, you can pretty much mess stuff up with the low cp duo, while in the new game strqategem, you will rapidly lose your ability to fire twice with the very overpriced detachment + strategem.

So .. rather than basi/basi, I would commend to you the idea of making your own griffin (basically, cut the basilisk barrel down, angle it high, and viola, its a griffin. Griffin + Manty is a solid choice that won't drain your army of CP, but still puts out most of the effect of the multiple basilisks. Against many, many opponents, the relatively undervalued griffin is an excelelnt weapon -- its a terror for thigns like primaris marines in cover, especially the ones with double cover benefits, or against stuff like necron immortals. Its NOT as good against sisters, though, with their incredible ignore ap 1 and ap 2 cheese. Old grudges lets you pick one enemy that the griffin(s) can really affect, even if its a knight, and ignoring cover is huge in competitive play (ever knight I shoot at is in cover, in tournaments, b ecause of that god damn admech strategem and the souping and ARGH.)

You can always add in a basilisk at higher levels if you have the cp to run it fast, too, but I think that the old classic gaurd artillery stuff all works really well in the dkok theme. The griffin and manticore have a little known feature as well, they are t7 while the basilisks are t6. Against some opponents that's sort of sweet.

but, I don't know what is going to happen, and its just a suggestion. I have 3 griffins (usually don't use more than 2) and 3 manticores and 3 basilisks, and my honest opinion is you can't go wrong with any of them.

you need more cp for the basilisks to get the same rate of fire out of them and a second basilisk starts to get less useful. Its either not a tank ace, or its not firing twice, or both.

For a big army,
2 manticores (one a tank ace)
2 grifins
2 basilisks (one a tank ace)
or even
2 manti, 2 griffi, 1 basi, and 1 wyvie (gives you some anti-horde supression as an option, and the wyvern if carefully set up with the detachment commander from the vigilis detachment emperor'r wrath, can ignore cover. meaing thaqt this larger army can do some pretty impressive shooting for around 655 points, and 5
(full pay on manti1, on basi, and wrath detachment + field commander + field commander's relic for wyvern)

I dunno. There is a lot of confusion right now. It may be that the new rules for "blast" weapons mean the basilisk is king again and my advice crappy, but I am sort of hopeful that the griffin gets to benefit from blast effects as well. I just don't have a clue what those basterds are pulling next.

We will see.

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in se

The thing is that I just don't like the visuals of the rockets, and it does feel a bit off taking something that only gets to fire a total of four times, even if it might be high damage and high hits, I could, however, see myself trading one basilisk for a griffin to free up some points for that extra plasmagun for instance.

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Forever ever more 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

The forgeworld guns are suppostedly getting better soon, they say. I will believe it when I hold the updated index imperials armor book in my clawlike grasp.

Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in se

And when that happens, I will load up on SO many mortar batteries or quad gun carriages. But for now, it looks like I'm sticking with two basilisks and, if the wallet allows it, eventually some tunnel drills.

Forever ever more 
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