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I'll Be Back

Hello everyone!

This weekend i should finally have enough painted of my Necron army to get in a few 1000 point games. For the most part, I do not have a lot of options due to only having so much built and painted, but i feel like i have a pretty solid 1000 pt list. My only major question is how to set up my troop choices.

Battalion Detachment (5 cp + 3 for battle forged = 8 cp)


Cryptek(70 pts)
Canoptek cloak (5 pts)
- Staff of Light (10 pts)

OverLord (70 pts)
- Staff of light (10 pts)


Immortals (8 pts) X5
- Tesla carbines (7 pts)

Immortals (8 pts) X5
- Tesla carbines (7 pts)

Warriors (11 pts) X 20
- Guess Flayer (0 pts)


Immortals (8 pts) X10
- Tesla carbines (7 pts)

Warriors (11 pts) x12
- Guess Flayer (0 pts)

Warriors (11 pts) x12
- Guess Flayer (0 pts)

Fast Attack

Canoptek Wraiths (42 pts) X6
- Vicious claws (0 pts)

Heavy Support

Doomsday Ark (160 pts)

I know at smaller games, Necrons have a lot more staying power, so I am looking for what will be the most durable, either the 2 squads of 5 immortals and then the big block of 20 warriors, or have a single squad of 10 immortals, and 2 squads of 12 warriors.
Made in us
Loyal Necron Lychguard

Working on it

The single squad of 10 immortals would be your best bet, a 20 man warrior blob can be rather easy to remove depending on your opponent.

That'll give you a good core squad with a couple other squads to support/flank/grab objectives

Having the 10 man will also make them a great choice for MWBD

<Dynasty> ~6500pts
War Coven of the Coruscating Gaze ~2500pts
Thrice-Damned Plague Corps ~3250pts
Cult of the Stoneborn Serpent ~2500pts
Admech (TBN) ~2250pts
Kabal of the Shattered Crown ~2250pts 
Made in de
Prophetic Blood Angel Librarian


Always aim to max units, to be able to use RP. Removing a maxed unit is harder than removing a unit with minimum models.
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