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[2000] - gaurd catachans late 8/9th. - spear of LR and odd screen  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

so this is intended to be paired with another 1000 point "module" army, the functions of this one are heavy tank firepower (anti armor and anti elite infantry)
probably consider them a very desert brown painted bunch of catachans for this army .

tank commander with demolisher, 2 plasma cannon, lascannon, heavy bolter
tank commander hammer of sunderance battle cannon relic, lascannon, heavy stubber 380

LemanRuss Annihilator with twin lascannon turret, lascannon, heavy stubber
lrbt with demolisher cannon and heavy flamer x3 and stormbolter
lrbt with demolisher cannon and heavy flamer x3 and stormbolter

6 crusaders (these crusaders basically wedge in between the lead tanks so that a single enemycan't wipe one in melee and consolidate to shut the other one down. This may be less necessary in 8th in which case they just plain get to be fun melee add ons)
1 astropath

Then a screening / infantry company of a catachan heavy battalion

company commander (catachan) with powerfist
Col. Starker
lord commisar generic guy with powerfist and bolt pist

ministerium priest with index poweraxe
sgt harkness
ogryn bodygaurd (maul, slab)
ogryn bodygaurd (maul, slab)

3 squads 10 man regular imperial gaurd with flamer, poweraxe each
3 squads 10 man regular imperial gaurd with flamer, poweraxe each

1 griffin mortar carrier
1 manticore (this bad boy has full payload)

taurox with 2 autocannon, heavy bolter

I appreciate those of you who go for supercompetitive will think this combination isn't very good at pressuring the foe's big tanks and knights, but I think it would be fun to play, gaurd with decent survivability on the characters in a mass of catachans with poweraxes isn't a terrible thing to have -- all those little s4 unit add up. The taurox and the griffin carrier are the 2 things it will ikely lose when 8th pricing becomes 9th pricing, maybe a bit more, but solid, I think. (Also, I am hoping the 122 point forgeworld bs4+ leman russ comes in line with the normal 107 poitn leman russ, to offset the price hikes the rest fo the army faces.)

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

This does look like a lot of fun. The poweraxe catachans are going to be a blast. 60 guardsmen with battleaxes on the charge is gonna be a mess for anybody to deal with. I give my full support to the Horde!
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