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The title very much says it all, what magnets do you use for your model transporting and what are your experiences with them.

One will assume almost all of us are using Neodymium magnets, however at the same time there are many sizes, powers and also room for multiple on the underside of bases. Different models certainly need different amounts of magnets and just as having too few can be a problem, having too many can also be an issue on some smaller and more delicate models when removing them from the container. So with that in mind lets all share what magnets we use. Note it would be useful to state:

1) Power rating of magnet (its N number)

2) The size and shape (square, round - how many mm etc...).

3) What specific magnets you use (points 1 and 2 and also how many) for specific models/size of models.

4) Your overall experiences - both the positive and the negative.

5) How you attached the magnet to the model (yes this is important, no sense having the worlds most powerful magnet if your model base is secured to it with a bit of gum )

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4mmx2mm is my go to. 3mm deep makes it bulge slightly from gw base, 1mm too far from metal sheet. For bigger models simply glue 2 or 3. For vehicles 2 per track. N46 i think.

Keeps models fine even upside down shaking deliberately. Well rhinos etc don't stay upside down but carrying on bottom normally just fines.

For infantry superglue. Rhinos hole and then green stuff and superglue

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I use these: https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D21B-N52

For my infantry, pretty much same thing for all my armies just whatever fits well beneath the base.

I always make sure the magnet is short enough to not leave a gap when the base is on surface.

These 1/8" wide, 1/16" thick magnets would be not strong enough at N35 or N42 grade in my opinion, but the N52 grade is strong, small, and relatively flat.

I base my guys with the necromunda bases, which have a hole in the center already. I widen and deepen it ever so slightly with a 1/8" drill bit pin vice, and then the magnet goes right in.

I put the magnet down on a magnetic sheet, put a careful blob of glue on top of it, and then put the base down centered onto the magnet, where it fits snugly in the slightly edited hole.
For regular bases rather than the necromunda ones specifically, I put a blob of greenstuff under the base and press that down onto the magnet before letting it cure/dry. Superglue on whichever step doesn't seem to hold strong enough with greenstuff alone.

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I use 20mm ceramic disc magnets for my infantry.

They are weaker for their size than rare earth, but they are cheap, and give the models base a nice weight.

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