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Regular Dakkanaut

Hey all

Was browsing my White Dwarf collection, and found that a couple of cardstock buildings crop up in articles during 1992.

They are in the picture below. I know the one on the left comes from White Dwarf 155, in 1992, and was a freebie. But I don't recall where the other 2 came from - were they done by GW just for display purposes, or did they sell them as cardstock buildings at some point?

Probably also a longshot but if they were included in a WFB expansion or something, or sold in a seperate pack, I don't suppose anyone has scans of them?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment on this.

EDIT; Found out where they came from! Or at least a possible source. It was from a WFB supplement called Warhammer Chronicles of War. Stumbled across it on an ad page whilst browsing issue 193 of WD. Seems it was a collection of White Dwarf articles, although I'm guessing the three buildings weren't from WD artilces, just added incentive to buy the supplement. Bummer. No chance of finding that (or an intact WD issue 155) these days (not at reasonable prices)!

EDIT - forgot the picture -

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Servoarm Flailing Magos

United Kingdom

There were some in the starter boxes, and some were included in campaign boxes. Not sure about those exact two...
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Regular Dakkanaut

Well, its been a while but i am pretty sure that these are from the 4th ed box set (with eltharion's pointy gits and the awesomeness that is grom the paunch despite the campaign being set in ulthuan)

The tall spindly one i think was from a campaign box?

I definitely had the two smaller ones, and i only ever bought the starter box and white dwarf, although saying that when "fat bloke" took over white dwarf the card sections certainly included card buildings (god how I miss the imperial bunker from way back when) I may be miss remembering and it was from the magazine.

Free buildings...thats the sort of thing we used to get in White Dwarf back in my day grumble.....grumble......
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Fresh-Faced New User

I don't think any of the buildings in that picture are cardstock. More likely they are custom constructions by the studio or staff members at that time.

There were a couple of buildings in the 4th edition starter set (High Elves vs Goblins), a couple in the 5th edition starter (Bretonnians vs Lizardmen) and then some in each of the 5th edition campaign packs (Dwarf buildings, Orc buildings, High Elf buildings, Bretonnian graveyard and bridge, Bretonnian camp tents. I've got them all but haven't checked exact contents in a while).

You may be able to find similar buildings online, I've got everything from 5th edition, but only some of it is still in sheet form.

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Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Definitely GW product. I have the houses but not the tower. One came with the Bretonnian/Lizardmen starter set ( I THINK) and I was given the other in store, where I also saw the tower mumble mumble years previous millenium ago...
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Posts with Authority

Some of those came in the Lizardmen vs. Brettonians starter box for Warhammer Fantasy.

I think some of the old WD Magazines used to have some punch-out terrain, too.

I'm also pretty sure you can find this stuff online and print it onto cardstock, too.

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Regular Dakkanaut

When you find Warhammer Townscape, your mind will be blown.

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Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps


From the Warhammer Chronicles of War box, came out at the tail end of 4th and had a book, missing magic cards and those card buildings. Somewhat rare but do crop up on eBay
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Infiltrating Prowler

The building on the left was a cardboard insert in White Dwarf. I remember making several color copies of it and gluing it to foam board to make multiples of them.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Yeah thanks guys. Don't wish to sound rude, but I ascertained where the building on the left was available (WD 155), before posting this thread, stated so in the OP. Also established, not long after posting this thread, and updated the OP where the other two were available from.

I know, I know, TL: DBR.

I also have Townscape. It's not quite the same aesthetic as those Adrian Wild era buildings. Which is why I'm still looking for those three...

Will probably never get them though without paying extortionate amounts of money for one of the rarer than hens teeth eBay/Amazon listings, of those that actually state the buildings are included.

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