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Made in us
Ferocious Blood Claw


Less units than the same list in 8th. Local meta allows Legends.

Poxmonger company
Lord on palanquin ( furnace, arch contaminator, balesword, plasma pistol,legend 110)
Sorcerer on palanquin (staff, stormbolter, legend 140)
DP with wings and 2 talons and plate (200, Ouch!)
Summoned on turn 1 : Epidemius 105
3x10 poxwalkers, 70 each

2x decimators (butcher cannons, monstruosity) 150 each
3 plagueburst crawlers with entropy canons 1 has entropy stratagem, 165 each
2x drone, with plague flamer
1x drone with plague mower

Cp 12
-1 (extra relic,) -2 (decimators monstrosity), -1(buff plague crawlers) so starts with 8cp.

Drones and demon prince to go grab objectives. The castle moves forward to get center objectives on turn 2-3.
Poxwalkers are on back objectives.
Lost 2 units compared to 8th. Worried about scoring objectives.

Any obvious improvements I missed?

Bits box, I ain't got no bits box...I have a bits room...
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Decimators are 100 for the model, and butchers are 35 each, totalling 170.

Best I can tell PBC's are 160 with entropy cannons. 130 for the model, 15 for each entropy cannon, while the heavy slugger and mortar are free.
Made in us
Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

Livermore, Ca

Is summoning demons legal without having a demons detachment? or that model existing in your codex?
Made in us
Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

In My Lab

 Sazzlefrats wrote:
Is summoning demons legal without having a demons detachment? or that model existing in your codex?
Yes. Yes it is.

Clocks for the clockmaker! Cogs for the cog throne! 
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