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Infiltrating Prowler

Yorkshire, UK

So, 9th is nearly here and I've decided a new edition needs a new army.

I would like to be as competitive as possible while retaining a strong theme and low budget (hence the 'balancing act' title).

So, the plan is to take a single battalion of alpha legion and mark them all as slaanesh, this will start me at 12cp with access to good strategems. To keep costs down I want to get as much use as possible from a couple of start collecting sets (which explains the slightly weird troop loadouts)

So, here goes, let me know how badly I've got this wrong

Winged Daemon Prince, sword and talon, warptime - 195
Sorcerer, diabolic strength, delightful agonies - 90
Master of Possession, cursed earth, infernal power - 95

2x Greater Possesed - 130
2x Greater Possesed - 130
10x Terminators - 295
(Champion with power axe/combi bolter, 2 with reaper autocannon/chainaxe, 7 with combi bolter/chainaxe)

10x CSM, bolters, 2x autocannon - 160
10x CSM, bolters, 2x plasma gun, champion with combi plasma - 170
5x CSM, bolt pistol/chainsword, champion with plasma pistol/power axe - 80
5x CSM, bolt pistol/chainsword, champion with plasma pistol/power maul - 80

Heavy Support
Venomcrawler - 130
Venomcrawler - 130
3x Obliterators - 315

While you sleep, they'll be waiting...

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Dakka Veteran

Honestly I would not recommend this approach to building an army. you get value from sheer models but otherwise I don't feel it will perform well.

I think you can work with the terminators, oblits and HQs (minus the mop) on the sorcerer I would suggest terminator armour since these guys die so easy and now even easier.

Venomcrawlers will work ok too although I would rate other similar units higher like defiler, contemptor etc.

The greater posse and mass of foot slogging csm though are just not good. IF you choose to stay mono legion then thats what your stuck with but I would at least suggest some transports and optimizing what you need so you have pts for better units. Sad to say but thats where we're at.

On oblits now that cmd reroll has changed they will be much more swingy. I ran these a lot up until 9th as AL and using gaze of fate. Now I feel they need further support and probably reduced unit size to 2 (for AL version that is).
In this case I would recommend taking the HS and 1 HQ and making an iron warriors detachment instead.
Made in ch
Warped Arch Heretic of Chaos

Aye, cut the MoP, he won't keep up with units he can influence, grab a transport instead.

Mobility will be less a concern due to AL shenanigans but relying on them is a bit iffy.

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