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Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Evil Sunz Battalion:

Warboss on bike, kustom shoota, attack squig, power klaw (relic: killa klaw), biggest boss -1cp 113 pts
Big Mek in Mega Armor (Warlord: follow me ladz +1cp), klaw, kustom shoota, kustom force field, grot oiler, relic: supa cybork -1cp, kleverest boss -1cp 123
Weirdboy, warphead -1cp, da jump, warpath 75

30 boyz: 10 shoota, 19 choppa/slugga, 3 tankbusta bombs, nob with killsaw/choppa 250
30 boyz: 10 shoota, 19 choppa/slugga, 3 tankbusta bombs, nob with killsaw/choppa 250
20 boyz: 19 shoota, 2 tankbusta bombs, nob with choppa/choppa 160

Painboy, killsaw 65
10 meganobz: 8 with klaw/kustom shoota, 2 with 2 killsaw (tellyporta strike -2cp) 384

deffkopta, twin big shoota 35
deffkopta, twin big shoota 35
deffkopta, twin big shoota 35

4 mek gunz: smasha gunz 160
4 mek gunz: smasha gunz 160

burna bomber, twin big shoota, 2 supa shoota 155

Total 2000 points, 7cp left after deployment

Jump a unit of boyz as needed, usually to pressure opponent into defending their zone instead of getting objectives. Burna bomber will flyin' headbutt into the biggest blob of enemies turn 1 unless they spread out too much. Deffkoptas to zoom around for objectives. Meganobz to go after the hardest target they can charge out of deep strike. Mek gunz seem efficient for dealing with heavy infantry like aggressors/centurions but fall off vs t7 and t8 targets compared to things with S8 guns. Are traktor and mega kannons worth using in 9e?

Any thoughts on mega armor big mek vs the one from Saga of the Beast? I could drop 1 defffkopta and and get a warboss on foot as warlord and downgrade the big mek. Not sure if meganobz are worth the points but they crush armor the turn they arrive from deep strike if they make the charge.

Thoughts/feedback appreciated.
Made in it
Stormin' Stompa


SotB big mek is way better than the meganob one. It costs half the price, it's faster and most importantly its KFF also works in combat. It has zero damage output though but for 65 points it's ok.

I'd take it any time over the big mek in megarmor, especially in footsloggin oriented lists. Save 2 CPs and add a few more boyz to the 20 man squad.

Not sure about traktors and KMKs yet. For sure they now compete with Smasha Gunz but in a list like yours, with very few T5+ models, having more mek gunz is better than having less but more killy artillery. I'd keep the Smasha Gunz.

Orks 7000
Space Wolves 4000
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Saga of the Beast FAQ came out today. SotB Big mek with kff is base 75 and has the old force field wording (any clan, shooting only). I think I will go for the double warboss route though and make the biggest boss my warlord.
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