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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I'm looking for two lists respectively. I'm seeking 500 and 1000 pts sisters of battle, but given their homebrew nature there needs to be a solid pack of Flagellants, potentially a penitent engine or 2, and plenty of core unit squads of basic SoB- as many as is sane and competitive but not so much they're simple throwaway cannon fodder. I just think it'd look cool to field a solid Mission of Sisters forwarding a pack of grotesque flagellants amid a priest or 3 for the Clockwork Orange inspired pacifism helmet's zealotry overload. Beyond that I'm open to anything except lore HQ units and battle sanctums. As long as it fits and functions
Made in gb
Crafty Clanrat

Why don’t you write up a Lille of ljsts and people will offer their input.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Order of the Burning Whip <Order of Our Martyred Lady>


Canoness + Blessed Sword, 54 pts

Canoness + Chain Sword , Null Rod 57 pts

Troops :
5x Battle Sisters + 2 Storm Bolters 49 pts
5x Battle Sisters + 2 Storm Bolters, Sister Superior w/ Multimelta 71 pts

Fast Attack
Seraphim x5 + Inferno pistol x2 69 pts
Dominion x5 + x2 Storm Bolters 54 pts

Penitent Engine x1

Exorcist + Conflagration Rockets 130 pts
Exorcist + Missile Launcher / Heavy Bolter 90 pts

Retributer x5 + Hunter Killer Missile + Storm Bolter 58 pts

Elites: Repentia x5 65 pts
Arco Flagellant x3 39 pts
Arco Flagellant x7 91 pts
Preacher 30 pts
Imaifier + Tale of the Warrior 45 pts

Transport: Sororitas Rhino 65 pts. Most likely for the 7x Arco Flagellant squad

Edit: Bought my first squad today: Seraphim along with paints, a microbrush, a painting handle and lots of consumer excitement to get ready to paint my first girls. Tomorrow I start when I get the glue, a cutter and another squad, most likely arco flagellants or repentia.

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