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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

First attempt at a 9th edition pure harlequin list.

Frozen Stars Battalion (debating if it would be better to switch to soaring spite)

Shadowseer: Webway Dance, Twilight Pathways, Veil of Illusion, Shadowstone

Shadowseer: Shards of Light, Mirror of Minds, Shield from Harm

Troupe Master: Fusion Pistol, Twilight Fang, Twilight's Grasp (totally open to other roles here too, basically any are good in my eyes)

5 Troupes: 5 Fusion Pistol, 4 Caress
5 Troupes: 4 Fusion Pistol, 4 Embrace
5 Troupes: 4 Fusion Pistol, 4 Caress
5 Troupes: 4 Fusion Pistol, 4 Embrace

Death Jester: Humbling Cruelty

Death Jester: Jest Inescapable

5 Skyweavers: Haywire and Zephyglaive

5 Skyweavers: Haywire and Zephyglaive

5 Skyweavers: Haywire and Zephyglaive





1998 pts
11 CP

Thoughts with this list is to put pressure with the bikes, while the boats hang on objectives and provide support later game. If there isnt any ignore LOS shooting to worry about, the death jesters can hang back on objectives out of sight, otherwise can ride in the boats and provide some additional firepower. Debating removing the second death jester and finding a few pts to swap in a solitaire, but that would mean 2 CP to add the rose, or swap it for the shadowstone. 2nd Shadowseer provides some flexiblity to do psychic actions depending on matchup, without losing important psychic powers, but also the ability to put out a lot of mortals with 3d3 + whatever happens with mirror of minds.


Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

How do you protect the 3 units of bikes???
Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Pestilens wrote:
How do you protect the 3 units of bikes???

There is no protection necessary.
They are rather survivable if they approach along the flanks.
Not sure if I'd include the DJs. I'd eventually take a Voidweaver.

Former moderator 40kOnline

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

On the bikes, depending on terrain, if i felt worried, i would webway one and hide the other two. Worst case, i have the protection of the -6" range and -1 to wound from the shadowseers turn 1. After that, 2 can get 3++ which is as survivable as we can get, not to mention the -1 to hit.

On the death jesters, i kinda have the same thought. I will probably play some practice games as is, and if they dont do much, swap them for a solitaire or voidweaver.
Made in ie
Been Around the Block

Don't think voidweavers are worth it.

I'ld be more inclined to consider reducing one of the bike squads if you are looking for points. A squad of 3 for harassment / linebreaker

DJs are great I would keep 2

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