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Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

++ Meeting Engagement - Main Body (Death - Legions of Nagash) [500pts] ++

+ Leader +

Vampire Lord [140pts]: 1. Blades of Shyish, 4. Sigil of the Sanguine Throne, 6. Blood Fury, Chalice of Blood, General, Mounted on Nightmare

+ Battleline +

Blood Knights [180pts]: 5 Blood Knights

Blood Knights [180pts]: 5 Blood Knights

+ Allegiance +

Allegiance: Allegiance: Soulblight

+ Game Options +

Game Type: No Points or Battlerole Validation (Open)

++ Total: [500pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

For the Emperor and Sanguinius!

The Great Angel lives! In our hearts! In our blood!

40K Custom Blood Angels Successor Chapter: Angels Revenant; 1,300pts / AoS Legions of Nagash Soulblight Vampires; 650pts / DeadZone Rebs; 100pts 
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Ah, how the times have changed. Back in my days we couldn't fit two units of blood knights into 500 points and had to make do with bat swarms instead!

Anyway, I think this is solid. Remember to pick a bloodline for your army, my favourite being swift death for the extra move. Dragon warriors is also nice for some free re-rolls.

Speaking of that, also remember that you have a global command ability to let a unit re-roll 1's to hit. It can be important to use to prevent fumbling an important fight.
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

I would honestly make them legions of blood.
The +1 attack to all vampire lords and blood knights is a massive boost here.

Your getting a ton of extra hitting power from both units then while your Lord also gets a boost.

Then to irritate people you can give the lord a orb of enchantment.
Gives you a free turn to kill a hero without them being able to do anything to you.

Throw aristocracy of blood on them too and you have a charge re-roll bubble to make sure you get the charges you need.

At 500 points people tend to either run as many bodies as possible or save as much as they can for a big hero.

You have enough damage to cut through massed troops here and big hero’s can basically be stunned by your lord and charged by knights to make sure it dies.

To add to this, you can also use your command ability for an extra attack on a unit each turn.
So with the blood legion you essentially get +2 attacks to their melee profile on knights.
They are then throwing out a worrying amount of attacks that will kill almost anything.

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