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Space Wolves Back after a looooongg Hiatus 500 to 1000pts?? help appreciated.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

I have skipped at least 4.5 editions but fathers day saw me in possession of a new Bjorn and Iron Priest so I have rummaged around my shed and found some minis in order to play a few games with my son (who likes the look of nids).

No idea what CP or traits or stratagems do or I need but I so far have the following built/painted.

Bjorn Classic Vanilla

Iron Priest

5x Blood Claws PG PP PF
5x Blood Claws PG PP PF

Fast Attack
5x Skyclaws PG PP PF
5x Swiftclaws PG PF

Heavy Support
5x Long Fangs ML Fist on Leader

Mostly a mix of 2nd 3rd and some 5th ed parts.

I have a few more bodies and biker chassis to assemble If I need to add extras. Loads of metal termies or varying flavours to eventually add but Power Armour is more easily accessible.

So, Im looking for ideas to bulk out add options? maybe a Rune Priest or WG leaders for the packs? Not looking for major purchases other than transport options atm or another dread or two coz they are cool. Id like to keep things fairly fluffy and based around headstrong pups blasting away for the lulz.

Some help with traits and stratagems would be ace too.


Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Yo! Good to see another puppy player around here. Blood claws are still good but I'd probably try to model out the plasma, they don't shoot particularly well and you want them in combat rather than sat still shooting. Same with the swiftclaws and skyclaws really, lots of melee, no shooting, that's where they shine. Powerfists are great with the SW +1 to hit on the charge.

As for the rest I'd look at running some wolf guard leaders in your squads so you can control where the mad guys go. If you want to add another dread Murderclaw is a great addition. In your list I'd make Bjorn your warlord so he gives a 9" bubble of reroll 1s. You also need another troops choice to make a battalion.
Made in gb
Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

Thanks for the advice. The Plasma is a hangover from long ago, I may hang onto it for a few trial games though (old habits die hard)

I think I have enough bodies to add an extra troop unit in. Is it worth making a larger squad of 10 or 15 Blood Claws?
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