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Ive been thinking of getting into warhammer 40k. Ive been researching stuff on the internet for the last week or so looking at the factions and gameplay. , Im still not sure which army i would want to go all in with, or if ill even have people to play with, tho im trying to convert some of my MTG friends to try wh 40k. Was just curious if i would be better off buyiing indomitus (as my LGS has a few in stock yet for 199) or if im better off waiting for the starter kits that were just announced. Im conflicted because i keep hearing that the value of indomitus is too good to pass up and i do have some interest in playing necron.

thanks for any advice !
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Go with what is cool for you, mini's are expensive and you'll put a significant amount of time building and painting them, so don't choose an army which some internet bloke says is good, but choose an army that you'll be motivated to build and paint. Sidenote: if you want advice for which army is rlly good, its space marines, they also get frequent updates and new models unlike most other armies

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Indominus is very good value, but i believe the starter set comes with terrain and a mat - infomitus is more of a lsunch set for the new edition for existing players than a starter set for new players, sorry for spelling i am on a phone

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You should look to see if you can find people who want the other half of it, which cuts your cost by 1/2 and more than that, its a way to look for new acquaintences because its a good excuse to introduce yourself aroudn the store. Suddenly everyone knows what you are up to (more or less) and the older hand necron players can step in to give advice (some good, some bad) or the various marine players can buy the other half of the box and viola, you have a natural person to go back to when its all glued (perhaps not painted) and say "hey, lets do a small indomitus game!)

You also might in your inquiries discover someone has already bought the set and doesn't want the necrons as much as they want half the cash, in which case, you are the new guy who has already rescued someone from dire poverty!

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