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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

So, ok, the idea here is to have a flying alpha punch in vendettas to combine the role of the leman russ battle tank (anti-armor) and the role of the valkyrie or chimera (transport on goal)

= cadian? still waffling there.

Kommand 105
company commander
company commander
company commander(warlord, trait given to a full payload manticore below)

elite 75
officer of the fleet

fast attack 135
armored sentinal (with missle launcher)
scout sentinal (missle launcher)
scout sentinal (missle launcher)(This pair of scout sentinals has a specific role in the list -- if oyu are faced with a ravengaurd alpha strike it is there to be able to push them away from your deployment zone edge, and then before the game starts, to run back away so it can't be charged so easily by them. I don't know if that will work, but its a thought for a thorny problem I face about every third game here.)

troops )390( points
6 x 10 regular gaurd cadian missle launcher/grenade launcher infantry. They are focused towards horde clearing at range rather than the anti-armor they do nearly as well, because, well, your troops lasguns and frag shots compliment the flying lascannons on this list nicely.

heavy support
2 manticores (290 points) (both are full payload) = -2cp

transport (490)
vendetta flyer with six lascannon and 2 heavy bolter
vendetta flyer with six lascannon and 2 heavy bolter

PATROL. Second detachment. Doctrine .. hmm ... iotan dragons.
1 tempest prime with a free spare warlord trait 45 (he has a plasma pistol, he has a power sword) (old grudges)
1 5 man scions troop choice with 2 plasma guns and a plasma pistol (70)
1 4 man scions command squad with 4 plasma rifles (80)
vendetta flyer with six lascannons and 2 heavy bolter (145)
1 inquisitor malleus (no detachment, 2 psy, -1 to wound, combimelta)(70)

Its critical to this list to have the patrol detachment -- as that opens a very useful "hammer blow" where you can half the movement of a target that you just kill one model of. If you can't kill one centurion, aggressor, or whatever with your 18 lascannon, gods bless you! Note that this means the 3 vendettas are simultaneously the role of the chimera x3, of the antitank leman russ tank group of 3 tanks, and of the lost basilisk slow the enemy down role from the detachment we can no longer take. Not terrible, but not awesome, either.

So, thoughts? Would this have enougn antitank to do ok in the armor duel phase? Will it otherwise be enough for ninth edition obsec requirements?

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