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Hey guys, going to drop my Combat Patrol list here to see what your thoughts are. Formatting it as readable text

Combat Patrol

Company Commander: Laurels of Command, WT: Master of Command
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
4 Bullgryn -> 2/2 Shield
2 Scout Sentinel -> Heavy Flamer
1 Scout Sentinel -> Heavy Flamer

Sentinels scout forward and tying up/harassing my opponents weaker or mobile units. Bullgryns soaks up damage while Guardsmen + Commander move fast towards objectives. The troops can also do significant damage,

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Hey Callylove,

Look man there's no good way of telling you this, but that list is gonna get absolutely mauled :(

in combat patrol settings you can expect to run into new players/players new to that particular army, and right now your force kinda looks like it'd struggle to get free of a wet paper bag... god forbid you run into a death guard player...

first the good stuff!
-3 sentinels is some serious staying power, and at this point level thats exactly what you want em doing, staying back, holding objectives with their durability and scoring you some points. admittedly most players will struggle to kill those sentinels with their own 500pts of firepower, but its not uncommon to see heavy weapons in various infantry squads in combat patrol... and if an opponent knows the list you're laying down... lets just say you're not gonna have a great game.

good number of bodies (more on that later)

good choice of relic/warlord trait... not the best, but good choice.

my main issues with your list are centered around the lack of high strength ranged weapons... or in fact anything longer range than a lasgun...

consider running tallarn regiment, for 3 CP you can "ambush" 3 units... (2 sents, 1 sent, bullgryns), which may make them more threatening considering their range limitations if you're married to the flamers...

infantry squads without a heavy/special weapon in larger games are the go-to, cheap non-offensive units to screen/ignore on an objective. in combat patrol theyre gonna be lacking firepower considering they make up a considerable chunk of your overall force. if you have or can get plasma, grab it. I say this because its high strength is enough to damage infantry and the sorts of light vehicles you can expect to have problems with at 500pts (especially if overcharged for the emperor!)

honestly i'm not sure how effective the bullgryns will be at such a low points value, their cost kinda needs a big juicy target to pummel in order to get those points back and turn a profit, which you may struggle to find at 500pts.

I would personally try a re-write dropping the bullgryns, and getting missile launchers/plasma cannons on those sentinels. maybe grab some plasma for those troops, and consider other lower points units that will cause a problem.

for example: a company command squad of 4 veterans with sniper rifles/ratlings to pick at the enemies force multiplying characters.

a special weapons squad with flamers if you're expecting hordes?

that said, I like winning, and your patrol is really fluffy -please hit me up if you'd like to discuss it further, Guard have a strange amount of options at 500pts, so its just about playing around until you find what works for you.

take all advice with a pinch of salt, I'm no expert, just a guy with a small regiment of Kasrkin

Hope this helps,
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Dakka Veteran

His advice is really very solid, but I will note playstyles vary, too. Especially if oyu have a lot of the models for other armies, there is no reason not to try it exactly as you have it (I like catachan flamer sentinals) and see how it feels.

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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Sorry, but I am going to disagree with @GamerGuy on basically everything. Full disclosure, I am no tournament player and have not played my Guard in 9th yet.

Sentinals are priced in part for their mobility. Yes they have a strat to get them a FNP save, but I dont think its generally worth it at this low point game.

Catachan need to leverage their S4 Infantry Squad punches (which you have done) and their re-roll # of shots on the vehicles (which you have not done).

I would recommend changing those Sentinals over to something heavier, like a Leman Russ Battle Tank or a Hellhound. Something with a high damage D6 shot weapon to take out heavy things that you cant punch with your S4 fists.

I actually like your 4 Bullgryn to support your 3 Infantry Squads. You may want to drop them down to 3 to afford the LRBT though.

The Relic/WLT isnt optimal for the amount of Infantry Squads you currently have in your list. I would recomend giving up the WLT for a Tank Ace (if you follow my advice on the LRBT)

Here is roughly what I am thinking (484 Points)

Company Commander

3x Infantry Squads

Bullgryn (3 man strong)

LRBT (Demolisher Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Track Guards, Master Mechanic Tank Ace)
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Hardened Veteran Guardsman

I don’t have experience running Sentinels but I have to agree with GamerGuy’s point about the 3 Infantry Squads. Without at least a special weapon (heavy weapons are less of an auto include I would say) your opponent can safely ignore them.

Regardless of points limit I run all my Catachan Infantry Squads with a plasma gun and a Bolter for the Sarge. Bolters are more of a nice to have but special weapons are certainly essential.
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Greensboro North Carolina

I really like Fisheyes comment of adding the Leman Russ Demolisher. At 500 points, not many opponents will have enough heavy options to deal with that threat.

I did like your original list and tactics of using the sentinels as a fast screen in front of the ogryns and infantry as well. My only qualm to it is the flamers. You might want to think about autocannons. At 500 points, you can take on lightly armored targets but still do damage to heavy infantry.

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