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Made in us
Sword-Bearing Inquisitorial Crusader


St Celestine’s Smashers

Bloody Rose Spearhead detachment (-3 CP)
1999 pts

Warlord Canoness, Relic Pistol, Beacon of Faith
(2x) 5 Battle Sisters
(2x) 5 Dominions, 4x Storm bolters
(2x) 5 Zephyrim, 1x Zephyrim Pennant
(3x) 4 Mortifiers, HBs and flails
(3x) 4 Pengines, HFs and flails

9 CP to start
Sacred Rite: +1 to advance and charge rolls

It’s a simple list but packs a wallop. The 24 crazies hit like a truck and at T5/5W and 4+/5++ (6++ on the Mortifiers) they’re not the easiest things to shift.
The basic strategy is Dominions use their pregame scout move to advance (or pull back) 6” +D6+1”. Celestine and the 24 Pentifiers advance / rampage up the field to charge anything that they can, the BSS squads on backfield objectives, the Zephyrim deepstrike and smash into whatever needs to be taken out. Canoness supports and plinks with her Relic Pistol.

Once this makes it into enemy lines it will absolutely obliterate anything it touches, and with the 7”/9” plus advance the lines should hit quickly. If the enemy deploys way back then I’ve already pushed them off the objectives.

Engage all Fronts
Grind them Down
Enemy- dependent

Thoughts on the list and how would it do against your Comp lists?

Made in us
Dakka Veteran

I like this list == looks a lot of fun to play, well done!. Its a bit unfair but your excellent list is sort of the perfect target for my own best list, which is scions and psykers galore.

Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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