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Fresh-Faced New User

Greetings boyz, looking for some advice to move from 500pts to 1000pts for my Deathskulls army. Below is my current roster, I was thinking about adding a 2nd Smasha Gun, 3 DeffKopta, Weird Boy, and filling in the rest with boys bringing the number up to 3 squads, 2x choppa/slugga, 1x shoota, (29, 29, and as many possible respectively).

C&C very much welcome, as a new player I'm still getting the hang of some of the Ork Tactics.


++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Orks) [33 PL, 1CP, 497pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Battle Size [3CP]: 1. Combat Patrol (0-50 Total PL / 0-500 Points)

Clan Kultur / Specialist Mobs: Deathskulls

Detachment CP

+ HQ +

Warboss [4 PL, -1CP, 83pts]: Attack Squig, Brutal but Kunnin, Da Biggest Boss, Da Killa Klaw, Kustom Shoota, Power Klaw, Warlord

+ Troops +

Boyz [8 PL, 106pts]: Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Choppa, Slugga
. Ork Boy W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Rokkit Launcha
. 10x Ork Boy W/ Shoota: 10x Shoota, 10x Stikkbombs

Boyz [8 PL, 98pts]: Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Choppa, Killsaw
. 10x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa: 10x Choppa, 10x Slugga, 10x Stikkbombs

+ Heavy Support +

Deff Dread Mob [6 PL, -1CP, 105pts]
. Deff Dread: Dread Klaw, Dread Klaw, Dread Saw, Dread Saw
. Kustom Job: Orkymatic Pistons

Mek Gunz [3 PL, 40pts]
. Gun: Smasha Gun

+ Dedicated Transport +

Trukk [4 PL, 65pts]: Big Shoota

++ Total: [33 PL, 1CP, 497pts] ++

Made in gb
Storm Trooper with Maglight


I dunno how competitive it is being a sm/guard player myself, but looks like it'll do okay...

"boyz before toyz"- you may find the old motto helpful if you're struggling with the list after a few games
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Perfect Shot Dark Angels Predator Pilot

Greensboro North Carolina

Welcome Ginfizz. I've got orks as well. The best advice is what GamerGuy said, boys before toys.

Dark Angels 9500 Pts
Steel Legion IG 3500 Pts
Orks (40k) 2000 Pts
High Elves 2500 Pts

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Waaagh! Ork Warboss on Warbike

Boyz before toyz really doesn't hold true anymore in 9th edition.
You kind of need three troops choices for a battalion, but more really wont do a lot.
In general, you either want full blown mobs of 30 or mobs of 10 in a trukk. Which path you take mostly depends on wether you want to focus on vehicles or infantry, mixing has always been a bad idea for orks.
Since you already have a trukk, a dread and some koptas I would suggest going the vehicle route, but either works fine really.

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