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G'day, folks!

Do anyone around here happen to know how to find the menu sountrack for Fire Warrior (2003)? Me and my brother have the game itself on PS2, though I don't have the console at hand to check. I'm quite certain that the music I'm out for is the menu soundtrack, though there is a slim chance it could be some loading screen music as well:

It sounds like a dark hymn, reapeating what sounds like "Ordo Malleus" over and over in melodical fashion.

I'd gladly pay for it if there is some DVD or album download around, but I'm primarily hoping for a Youtube video to add to a 40k playlist.

My own search has been fruitless so far.

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Virus Filled Maggot

Miamisburg, OH

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw_s3naZf5c this?
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Dakka Veteran



No, it's not that one. Not main menu, but perhaps multiplayer menu? Or a loading screen soundtrack? It's not music heard in the FPS game itself.

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Servoarm Flailing Magos

United Kingdom

Laced Records released the soundtracks from some of the more recent games (Laced link & WarCom link), so it might be worth asking them.

Also, if you've got the game disc you might be able to rip the soundtrack off it.

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Dakka Veteran


Good tip! Thanks a lot.

We sure have the game disc. Never done anything like it, but that may be worth looking into. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Secret Inquisitorial Eldar Xenexecutor


I loved this game. I don't why it has such a bad reputation, the cut scenes were just gorgeous

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Dakka Veteran


Yeah, the bad reputation is beyond me as well. It had great atmosphere and the very idea of seeing the dark 40k universe from the eyes of the optimistic upstart Tau is a genius move.

That way, regressed and fanatic Imperial humanity really stood out, as did the insanity of Chaos. Having the protagonist be a Xeno was great.

I've never got as much flak on Reddit as in my descriptions of this and this doodle (Dakka thread links), both of which were tributes to Fire Warrior, haha!

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Sadistic Inquisitorial Excruciator

I think the fact it's an extremely bad game is probably what gets it the bad press as well as the gameplay generally butchering the lore.

The lasgun, for example, being a significantly better weapon than the pulse rifle definately didn't help things.

It definately had it's moments, the plot isn't dire, though having Tau face Chaos of all things was very dissapointing, as was the mandatory inclusion of SPACE MARINES, including the Governors personal tactical squad of precious little exposition.

No help on the soundtrack, sadly. The above posters have your best options covered.

Disclaimer - I am a Games Workshop Shareholder. 
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Well the Grenade Launcher Boltgun seems to be the most authentic replication of the Boltgun in any 40k game thus far - all the others have them as an oversized Assault Rifle... The Meltagun also was great too!

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I will not rest until the Tabletop Imperial Guard has been reduced to complete mediocrity. This is completely reflected in the lore. 
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