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Eye of Terror

Set up an eBay store, little disappointed with the results.

Wondering what people think is the best place for selling miniatures right now. Where do you get the most interest, where do you get the best price, etc?

This includes NIB items, pro-painted items, partially assembled items, bits, and hobby materials (including paints, resin, and other stuff.

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Rough Rider with Boomstick

Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups seem quite popular these days.
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I’ve never sold anything on EBay, in my experience forums like this one are a good place to sell. You might need to bump your thread a few times but I’ve had successful transactions in the Dakka Swap Shop and other similar forums.

I recently tried selling on Facebook groups. Just found a bunch of time wasters there so I’m not a fan.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


In my experience Facebook has the biggest active population and if you use the groups for selling models you've a greater chance of reaching a larger potion of potential customers. Of course you can also run across more scammers that way too, even if they are using their real world name, some people really don't care if they scam someone at the other end of the country.
Of course you can protect yourself, using paypal properly and not using "friends and family" and avoiding people who ask you to do that or other oddities.

FB can also be a pain because it won't always highlight when you get a new message, you have to look in the message tab and then select an option to view potential messages from people you don't know. This can be really annoying and I've missed one or two trade offers that way because people have messaged me and Its not flagged it up and thus I've never gone to look.

After FB there are forums. Whilst the populations on forums are often smaller than FB, they can be quite focused and very keen so you have a good chance of trading things on.

Right now I'd say a mix of forums and FB is a reliable way to reach a large potential interested market. You do have to bump things; you do have to keep active and it helps if you are active in the forum community in general.

Ebay can work well, some people will advertise ebay listings in forums/fb when its allowed in the group rules. This can boost the signal of any listing. Ebay does have tricks though; setting the right starting prices; description, tagging, titles, setting reserves on the right products. Even down to the time of day that the auction will end on can be important. If you put it up late so that it will end at 2am chances are you won't get any chance of a bid war; however there are some times where its good to have it end (I forget when, but I'm sure there are loads of websites with advice - if nothing else then after work on a weekday that isn't friday is likely a good guideline. Weekends are sometimes not the best times too as people tend to be more offline then than online).

Of course you can set a fixed price on ebay; and no matter what price you set you will lose some money to commission for ebay.

Forums and FB let you at least set a fixed price and know what you're getting.

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Dakka Veteran

If you're looking for money, and eBay didn't work, then I'd second going via Facebook.

If you're just looking to clear them out, see if your FLGS will take them. Gives them something to sell to someone in your area, which may prompt them to join your gaming group.

Other than that, there's several online retailers who are willing to buy stuff. Heck, given I need to clear out stuff for games that people in my area don't have, I've considered going that route.
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Decrepit Dakkanaut


Hobby stores will buy secondhand models, there's also online stores like Troll Trader. Thing is you will get a lower price that way. They have to sell those models on so they will never pay you the market rate; they will pay you less.

The benefit is speed and simplicity. It's quick and easy to sell to them and you get the money in your hand there and then. Doing it yourself you can get more, but you might take weeks/months getting there. That's fine if time isn't an issue, or if getting the best price is very important to you. However if you need stuff gone quickly then selling to a retailer can be a good option.

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