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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Hi all!

This is the first time I've done this so please bare with me I'm putting together a flexible army that will likely get formed into 2000 point forces from a larger whole of about 3500-4000 points. I mainly have a couple questions regarding two key weapon choices for my Intercessors and Hellblasters, but we can come to that after the list. Other than that I'm not exactly asking "is this competitive" as I've mostly been buying based on what I think looks awesome or fits my theme (siege/spec-ops/sniping) and I realise that means I'm unlikely to have collected a "meta" force. But I would ask- are there any terrible gaps I need to think about filling? I have avoided tanks and heavy armour as they haven't really appealed to me (the army actually started as a kill team and grew from there- somehow the elite/spec-ops vibe stuck and I ended up focusing on infantry as I prefer painting them).

I could probably be tempted by artillery pieces in the future (I prefer stationary artillery to tanks)- the upcoming Hammerfall Turret and Firestrike Servo Turrets are very appealing! I'm also excited for these Heavy Intercessors I've heard about!

So, here's the list (it's really more of a pool to draw from for 2000pt forces).


IMPERIAL FISTS BATTALION (roughly 2000 points once HQs are selected and a few trims made)

HQ (2-3 of the following depending on circumstances):

1x Chapter Master with Stalker Bolt Rifle and Power Sword
1x Captain in Phobos Armour (because why not have yet another sneaky sniper?)
1x Primaris Chaplain
1x Indomitus Lieutenant
1x Indomitus Lieutenant
1x Tor Garadon


1x Vindicare Assassin (because more sniping)


2x Infiltrator Squads (5 marines each)
1x Intercessor Squad (9 marines, Sergeant with Power Hammer, bolt weapons undecided)


1x Primaris Ancient
1x Judiciar
1x Sternguard Veteran Squad (4 marines, Sergeant with Power Fist and Special Issue Boltgun, 2x Special Issue Boltguns, 2x Heavy Bolters)
1x Sternguard Veteran Squad (4 marines, Sergeant with Power Axe and Special Issue Boltgun, 2x Special Issue Boltguns, 2x Plasma Cannons)
1x Sternguard Veteran Squad (4 marines, Sergeant with Power Sword and Special Issue Boltgun, 2x Special Issue Boltguns, 2x Grav Cannons)

Fast Attack:

1x Inceptor Squad (6 all armed with Assault Bolters)
1x Suppressor Squad (3x Suppressors with Accelerator Autocannons)
1x Suppressor Squad (3x Suppressors with Accelerator Autocannons)

Heavy Support:

1x Eliminator Squad (Bolt Sniper Rifles)
1x Eliminator Squad (Bolt Sniper Rifles or Las Fusils (magnetised)
1x Eliminator Squad (Bolt Sniper Rifles or Las Fusils (magnetised)

DEATHWATCH PATROL (roughly 1200 points):


1x Watch Captain in Terminator Armour (relic blade and storm bolter)


1x Intercessors with Hellblasters (5 of each, all weapons completely undecided)
1x Intercessors with Hellblasters (5 of each, all weapons completely undecided)
1x Veterans with Terminators (5 of each, Veterans armed with Storm Shields and Power Weapons, 2 Termies with Assault Cannons, 3 Termies with Storm Bolters)


1x Bladeguard Ancient

Heavy Support:

1x Eradicator Squad (Melta Rifles)


Okay, so there it is. As I say, it's more of a pool to draw from. My primary build idea is to ditch the Sternguard + Judiciar and replace them with the Deathwatch Patrol (probably just the Captain and 1-2 of the Intercessor/Hellblaster Squads with Eradicators if I can save the points elsewhere). The Vindicare Assassin is also really there "just for fun" but if I can squeeze her in (she's a custom job) all the better.

The idea of this would be to rely on most of the Imperial Fists for a primary long range battle-line (Intercessors, Infiltrators, Eliminators, Suppressors, Vindicare, character support) whilst teleporting the Deathwatch force in at optimal ranges as a kill team to destroy priority targets (they are equipped to murder just about everything from infantry to tanks). The 6 marine Imperial Fist Inceptor Squad would also act as a turn 2 strike team to drop in and dismantle priority targets.

Alternatively I'd just use a pure Fists list and keep the Sternguard. I'm not especially fussed about their super-doctrine as it only lasts a turn, but it is a "nice to have".

I realise the army is very sniper heavy! I figure I may lose, but I'll take their entire command staff with me I just love the Eliminator models.


Okay, so the big questions!

1. The Imperial Fist Intercessors need to choose their guns. They look like they'll be a nightmare to magnetise so I do have to choose. I'm leaning towards Auto-bolters or standard Bolt Rifles for the Intercessors as my army already has plenty of heavy weapons/snipers (Stalkers feel redundant). I figure the Imperial Fist trait likes to have lots of shots, so Auto-bolters may be the best idea. Or Rapid-fire rifles with the double-shooting stratagem (although my army is already eating up CP). I also figure I need an advancing line to take objectives, so Auto-bolters again seem to make sense.

2. I have a similar problem with the Hellblasters and the Deathwatch Intercessors. Heavy and Assault Plasma Incinerators look set to receive a big buff in 9th! Nonetheless, standard Incinerators still seem pretty good for my purposes- they can fire 2 shots each at optimal range (which they will teleport into) and yet can reach that oh so important S8. So they can mop up MEQs or hit tanks with withering fire. Heavies can do 3 damage but they'll suffer -1 to hit on teleport, forcing me to reconsider the entire purpose of the DW units (they'd probably be better as part of the gunline if they had Heavy Incinerators). I'm not so sure about Assault Incinerators as they get 3 shots but they will probably cap out at S7 when overcharged (I already have Suppressors for S7 firepower). It's worth noting that however I outfit the Hellblasters, I'll have to consider equipping the Deathwatch Intercessors they are paired with in a complimentary fashion- not much point in Auto-bolters in the same unit as Heavy Incinerators, for example. In this case I'm leaning towards standard Incinerators paired with Auto-bolters (they can beam in, move and shoot all their shots and the low AP of Auto Bolt Rifles can be negated by the amazing Deathwatch Special Issue Ammunition). What do people think?

3. Am I missing anything truly crucial? At one point I felt I didn't have enough anti-armour but I think I've swung the other way now. Do I need more anti-infantry? Sadly I'm not wild about the Aggressors models and I can't stand Centurions (I'm the world's weirdest Imperial Fists collector, hehe). I may still get some Aggressors in the future, but I'm more likely to look into these Heavy Intercessors I've heard about!

Thanks for any help or advice you may have! I think it's a kinda weird army but I'm quite fond of it (it is my first 40k army!). The main issue is how to outfit those Intercessors and Hellblasters within the context of my other forces.

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