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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

scions lambda battalion
3 tempestor prime (1 LL warlord/relic, 1 extra WL old grudges, 1 laurels of command) (-2 cp) Each has a command rod.
1 inquisitor malleus with combimelta, force sword, upgrade psyker and -1 to be wounded (-1cp)
3 command squad scions with 4 plasma each
3 x 10 man scions troop with 4 plasma rifle and 1 plasma pistol
3 x 10 man scions troop with 4 hotshotvolleygun and 5 hotshotlasgun + plasma pistol
1 x 10 man scions troop with 4 hotshotvolleugun and 5 hotshotlasgun, 1 plasma pistol and 1 powersword (-2 cp for extra detachment!)
5 x taurox prime with taurox rocket, 2 hotshotvolleygun, stormbolter

10 points of vehicle VP, 4 character, 88 bodies, start with 5 cp.

Is this crazy?

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in ca
Regular Dakkanaut

Very "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

Not sure how you would do against tough stuff like Nurgle.

Would be a decent counter pick for marines though!
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

yeah. god knows there are enough stupidstupid marine players in my area -- something like 4/5 of my games are against marines, and I don't see the new rules/models/upgrades making the competitive jerks who are so common here suddenly go buy armies of tau. The point of this list, though, was to try to make picking secondaries harder for an enemy than gaurd armies (with a fair number of troop and tank) normally do.

thin the ranks? you get 8 points. assaasinate? you get at most 12. (not perfect, but they are scions, they often hide offboard till the 3rd turn by which point they can maybe find a safe corner to deepstrike in, so I think maybe he gets only 9 points if I am clever, and this army could survive one tempestor hiding and still perform about as well.).
antipsyker? you get 5. kill vehicles? you get 10 at most.

Compared to my NORMAL list, that's bloody revolutionary!

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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