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Made in us
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This is my "gaurd can be effective in nineth with a mix of vehicles and simple gaurdsmen" shot. I picked very common units and "nothing fancy" on purpose, the most "exotic" thing in there is the engenseer, or maybe the 2 manticores (heavens you have to order them to the store).

tank commander (battle cannon, triple heavy bolter, heavy stubber)
tank commander(battle cannon, triple heavy bolter, heavy stubber)
tank commander(battle cannon, triple heavy bolter, heavy stubber) 675
platoon commander (warlord who gave his trait to the second manticore's tank ace, has the relic kurov's aquila.
platoon commander
plastoon commander 75
techpriest engenseer 85
60 gaurd regular infantry with a plasma rifle and heavy bolter each 390
manticore (full payload) with heavy bolter
manticore (full payload) with heavy bolter
2 leman russ batttle tanks with battle cannon and tripple heavy bolter
chimera with dual heavy flamer

The emphasis of course is on the tank orders rather than anything else. I would make this list catachan or cadian, or tallarn (as I note that the infantry benefit for their heavy weapon ballistics, and the tanks are much more fluidly mobile as tallarn). It could also be run as a custom regiment with disciplined wilderness survivors + disciplined shooters (if you wanted better infantry) or with (gunnery experts + juryrigg repair specialiss) for the armor.
Heck, you could run it as anything -- but i think those would be stronger.

If run as catcahan, its worth it to buy harknes instead of one platoon commander, maybe drop a few heavy bolters from the infantry to make the difference, and get an AWFUL lot of reroll 1's If its them, you can also do it as a no psyker list by dropping both astropaths in favor of harkness, and you lose like one 5 point stubber off the list. You can now abhor the heck out of witches!

Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
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