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Made in us
Crazed Zealot

Inquisitorial Henchmen folk:
From this box:
The Hunchyback scrolly dude and the Firestick-arm dude.

And from this page:
The Dialogus and Acolyte 1

Chainsaw beard guy
Extra plastic Immolator Weapons
GK Terminators/Marines

Unpainted/unassembled Destroyers
Some CSM chestplates/shoulder pads

19 Chaos Terminators
OOP Grotz/Gretchin - plastics from the 2nd Ed 40K Boxed set - bare
OOP Skinks/Sauruses - plastics from 5th Ed Fantasy
Approx 30 2nd Ed SM Terminators - metal
16 2nd Ed Striking Scorpions
1 Warwalker
1 Shining Spear Exarch - nib
2 Avatars
9 Tau Crisis Suits - assembled/primed
5 OOP plastic Nurgle Marines - nib
Many Metal Space Wolves
1 Cadian Heavy Weapons box - NIB
5-6 Warlocks
OOP Marine Tanks - primed/assembled
1 Whirlwind
1 Predator
2 Razorback
1 OOP Annihilator - NIB
2x Landspeeders - primed/assembled
Many bitz
512mb Kingston RAM sticks
Some OOP Dark Elves

Also 3x xv25 Stealth suits, NIB on Ebay:
Auction Link

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