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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


Hey all,

I have my first game of 9th coming up with the new blood angel PDF and was hoping for some feedback. I have pretty large collection of BA and have tried to make a mainly assault list with some key shooting units to take tough targets. My opponent will be eldar who normally run wraithlords/seers, war walkers and wave serpents in the custom craft world to ignore cover and get reroll hits and wounds. They normally have star cannons on most things and a couple of bright lances on the rest.


5 x Intercessors
5 x Intercessors
5 x Intercessors

9 x Sanguinary Guard 4 x Power Fists 5 x Swords and Angelus Bolters
9 x Sanguinary Guard 4 x Power Fists 5 x Swords and Angelus Bolters
10x Death company 3 x power fists, 7x with chains swords
Sanguinary Ancient Banner, Power Fist, Angelus bolter - new relic banner

Heavy Support

General plan is reserve the two squads of eradicators and 1 intercessor squad. Put 1 squad of sanguinary guard in deep strike. Move up the field using cover then hit hard on objectives and play for points. Eradicators come out and pop out high value on objectives

Ideally the intercessors would be incussors but they are one of the few troops i don't have. I am also considering trying to get a sanguinary priest in the list as they seem really good. This is just based off the pdf and what i have seen of the new space marine codex.

Thanks for reading this and any comments

For The Emperor and Sanguinius! 
Made in gb
Sacrifice to the Dark God Tzeentch

This all looks pretty good to me, very meta pick of units, will do quite well against just about anything SG are amazing now and 2W DC with a 5+++ (strat) will give your enemies a headache.

If it were me I would replace the sanguinor with a priest w/jump pack and give him master apothecary and the new WL trait for a free model rez a turn , though this is dependent if the codex will drop before your game. Another character to consider is a librarian in terminator armour to deepstrike and pop psychic fortress to give everyone that 5++, might be good, might be trash, but it's seems reasonable to me.

Astorath and Dante are good picks, as Dante can give full rr's to the DC (replacing lemartes who got nerfed too hard imo)and hit like a truck while doing it. Astorath is just a beastly master of sanctity- flat 3 D is huge.

Standard mope about erads being too good etc etc.

You can't fault intercessors, they are cheap (ish) and reliable enough across the board to get the job done.

Ngl it's looking very good.
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


Thanks for the comments, Yeah am very tempted by the Sanguinary preist with a jump pack. The game is next week so fingers crossed my codex has arrived. I was waiting to see if was can upgrade him to get the free res strat.

Yeah when i get the book i was going to check out librians, i have one with a jump pack or mephiston if there are some powers which seem interesting. I am really missing the blood angel powers as mephiston has been a staple in my list for years now

Intercessors are solid, i tried assault intercessors last time but they just got shot of the field and everything the eldar had was so tough when they got to combat they bounched off. When i get the book i will see how much 5 tacticals are with a heavy bolter, with the hell fire and melta bomb strat they might be pretty good against the wraith lords and wave serpents.

I am really exicted to try out dante and astrath.

For The Emperor and Sanguinius! 
Made in us
Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

I would agree with the advice above ... you might even be able to upgrade your intecessors with powerfists by swapping out hqs.
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