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Fresh-Faced New User

I have been having a look between the emperors champion and the company champion as I have seen the Company champion able to get a relic that gives better stats than the EC.

I know the EC can reroll wounds v monsters as well as characters and if near a character gain 1 strength, 1 attack and reroll hits, but after I chucked it into math hammer, it works out that the Company champion is better except versus a monster with toughness 8 and characters more then toughness 7 and how many do we see with stats like that?

I feel this is shouldn't be the case? Like the EC is meant to be the greatest champion going and with points the company champion is 70 (after the 15 points for Chapter champion) and EC is 85 also the chapter champion is a elite rather then an hq

can black Templars have a normal chapter champion? as I just think he is better than the EC

if I have missed something that makes the EC better please let me know!!

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

It really should just be a regular Chapter/Company Champ but GW had to make sure there was separate entries for both the Gravis Captains so what did you expect?

CaptainStabby wrote:
If Tyberos falls and needs to catch himself it's because the ground needed killing.

 jy2 wrote:
BTW, I can't wait to run Double-D-thirsters! Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney.

 vipoid wrote:
Indeed - what sort of bastard would want to use their codex?

 MarsNZ wrote:
ITT: SoB players upset that they're receiving the same condescending treatment that they've doled out in every CSM thread ever.
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Chalice-Wielding Sanguinary High Priest

Stevenage, UK

Depends if you're happy to spend a relic on the Company Champion. If you're already doing that, you can give a relic to the Emperor's Champion too to even the odds, just not that same weapon I guess. Otherwise, the two aren't on an even footing for comparison.

Outside of relics, the only thing the Company Champion has better than the Emperor's Champion is that he can fight first. The Emperor's Champion, on the other hand:

- has a better standard and invulnerable save, even if the Company Champion has a combat shield;
- has those rerolls;
- has +1S on the sword

The damage on the swords comes out as an average overall, 2 compared to D3.

Personally, I'm not sure I would want to spend the free relic or the CP on giving the weapon to the Champion - perhaps if you're regularly up against big monsters, like Daemons or Nids.

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