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Made in ca
Terrifying Wraith


Im working on a RG infantry list at a low budget

Phobos Captain (master markman and armor of shadow)
Phobos Librarian (spectral blade, shadowstep)
Primarie Chaplain (litany of hate, recitation of focus)

10 Veteran Intercessor (heavy bolt pistol and chainsword)
3 bladeguard veteran
5 scout (4 sniper riffles and 1 HB)

5 Intercessors (stalker bolt riffle)
5 Intercessors (stalker bolt riffle)
5 Infiltrator
5 Infiltrator

3 Inceptor (assault bolter)

Eliminator(sergent with instigator bolt carbine)
Eliminator(sergent with instigator bolt carbine)
Leviathan dreadgnout (grave flus, storm cannon)

Basic strategy is to use Strike from the Shadows stratagem on the Veteran intercessor to hit hard when i need it, kill the caracters and hope for the best...

should be tabletop turn 3 whahhahhaah

how i can improve.

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