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Made in ca
Brainless Servitor

Just got the new Necrons codex and haven't had a chance to play 9th edition yet. Just trying to nail down a list to work towards completing that will serve me well fairly consistently when I can finally play again. Let me know what you think!

Total Starting CP: 9

Nihilak Outrider Detachment:

-Catacomb Command Barge (WL) 150
Voltaic Staff, gauss cannon, warlord trait: enduring will

Fast Attack
-5x Wraiths 175
-5x Wraiths 175
-5x Tomb Blades 165
shield vanes
-3x scarabs 45
-3x scarabs 45
-3x scarabs 45

Heavy Support
-Doomstalker 140

Nihilak Patrol Detachment:

-Technomancer 90
canoptek control node

-Triarch Stalker 140
heat ray

-10x warriors 130
probably reapers?
-10x warriors 130

Heavy Support
-Doomstalker 140
-Doomstalker 140

Dedicated Transport
-Ghost Ark 145
-Ghost Ark 145

The Plan:
-Play the objective and dominate the mid board.
-Technomancer sticks with the trio of doomstalkers to provide heavy fire support. Triarch stalker can buff them too.
-Wraiths can bully the mid board, go after characters, or clear screens in a pinch. Or they can just cap objectives.
-Scarabs can hold backfield objectives and screen deepstrikes to protect the doomstalkers.
-Tomb blades, ghost arks, warriors, and CCB can go where needed.
-If I'm worried about snipers I can pay 1CP to give the cryptek the Infinity Mantle.
-Nihilak plus protocol of the eternal guardian means I'm pretty hardy going second against a first turn alpha strike since I can have army wide cover for 2+ saves and ignore -1 AP weapons on everything.
-Also I think the CCB might be able to make use of that secondary where you score points for killing stuff with nobles?
-2000pts on the nose, TT viewers already know this means I auto win
Made in de
Ladies Love the Vibro-Cannon Operator


Not a bad battle plan.
I'd give it a try.

Former moderator 40kOnline

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