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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Just starting sisters and scions and I'd like some input on this early version I've put together. I've intentionally avoided most power armour feeling a little played out on the meq thing. Not against PA but I'd prefer to limit it. The list:

Sisters of Battle: bloody rose Vanguard -3
saint celestine

repentia superior

9 sister repentia
9 sister repentia
9 sister repentia
Imagifier- tale of the warrior, heroine indomitable belief
3 rhinos

4 penitent engines- 8 flails, 8 hf
3 mortifiers- anchorite, 6 flails, 6 hb

Tempestus Scions: iotan gorgonnes Patrol 0
Tempestor prime- chainsword, cmd rod, warlord- old grudges
Tempestor prime- chainsword, cmd rod, laurels (free)

10 tempestus scions- 4 hsvg
5 tempestus scions- plasma pistol, 2 plasma guns
5 tempestus scions- plasma pistol, 2 plasma guns

4 mt cmd squad- 4 meltaguns
4 mt cmd squad- 4 meltaguns

Valkyrie- multi laser, multiple rocket pod, 2 hvy bolters

TOTAL: 1999
Command Pts: 7

Basic plan is typically to present a fairly durable front with valkyrie contents varying depending on the match. The valkyrie could actually go in reserve if its important enough and grav chute still allows precision drop from strategic reserves.
Scions are my reactive force. I do not intend to drop these all at once, usually. But rather keep a threat over 2 turns while also being able to drop to score, kill a high value target or two and snipe characters.
Sisters detachment push forward one character in each rhino in relative close support (hmm a last minute change means one is walking so I'll need to adjust that somehow.. maybe vox?). On that note I want to try 4 penitent engines over the second mortifiers due entirely to FNP 5++ making them much more durable for only slightly higher cost than 3 mortifiers. The morty's can go in strategic reserves when it seems beneficial due to only 9 PL.

My questions are:
What does the sisters side have that it doesn't need, and what is it missing that it really does need?
Do I need to focus more on actively generating miracle dice or will the list generate enough through casualties, morale etc?
Would another detachment configuration work better for what I'm trying to accomplish here?
Any additional comments welcome!

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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

So, its my understanding that valkyries don't allow ANY drop from strategic reserves. Since they arrive in reinforcement phase after movement, or something.
Besides, even if you could, you create a danagerous liability of having someone auspex scan your command squads or superior intelligence them, or hedge them out entirely with an infilitrator unit's 12 inch bubble. The sprinkling of infilitrators in marine lists has basically turned me right off from iotan gorgonnes because they can drop one (1) unit close per turn safely -- but it then can't go where I want when I want, and if it could, the marines can auspex one (1) unit per turn, painfully.

Only 1 flyer means, well, enemy firepower may be concentrated to dissuade a threat of melta disembarkation. I ain't sure if that is good or bad, but it does have the potential upside of "they ignored some sisters unit that is now deleting someone."

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Guard gaurd gAAAARDity Gaurd gaurd.  
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Those are some good points. The valkyrie reserves thing is indeed not allowed it turns out glad thats cleared up.

I do face marine flavors but they're not the majority of what I see. I hadn't considered just how squishy they are in that case though so thats annoying. Means I might need to commit more resources to kill 1 of theirs.
Hmm that seems to be a problem for every DS scion unit if not taking hsvg or dragons with plasma no? Maybe less of an issue for larger detachments due to saturation.

Not sure I actually need the valkyrie but it seems very flexible and I am hoping it will draw heat from the meat of the list.
I built the scions to be modular when it comes to what it delivers.

So now that you've seen a full list how does the scions detachment look and what if anything would you recommend changing?

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