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[H] ~2k Necrons, Necromunda Palanite Enforcers [W] IG, SM, bits, $$$ [USA only]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Guardsman with Flashlight

I'm mostly a lurker, but thought I'd give this a try before putting this stuff on eBay.

I have:
- 30 Necron Warriors - painted
- 10 Immortals w/Tesla (+Gauss & Deathmark bits) - painted
- 2 Overlords w/Scythe & Res Orb - 1 painted, 1 NOS
- 2 Crypteks w/Chronometron - painted
- 9 Destroyer (2 converted heavy) - partially painted (missing 2 flying bases)
- 1 Converted Triarch Stalker w/Heat Ray & Particle Shredder - Painted (I removed the pilot/cockpit and mounted the main gun in it place, making a 'Canoptek' Triarch Stalker)
- 14 scarabs - partially painted
- 6 Canoptek Wraiths - 4 painted w/Transdimensional Beamers, 2 partially assembled
- 1 NIB unopended Necromunda Palanite Enforcers

Looking for:
- Just about anything Astra Militarum but really need infantry, plasma guns, Creed and Scions
- SM infiltrators, judiciar, combi-weapons, a drop pod, devastators, FW terminators, Contemptor heavy bolters, multi-meltas and cyclone MLs

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