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Dakka Veteran

Can anyone confirm if the paperback version of the rulebook comes with the digital code to add to the warhammer app?
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Dakka Veteran

Don't think there are app codes in the main rulebook – think it's Codices only.
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Dakka Veteran

Core rules are free in the app aren’t they?
Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Where's the paperback 9e rulebook?

I've never watched a whole episode of Firefly. 
Made in se

I think they are talking about CA GT .

As an aside, as "infinite" rolls is actually impossible even if the FAQ "allows" it, then it will always be a non-zero chance to pass them all. Eventually the two players will die. If they pass the game on to their decendents, they too will eventually die. And, at the end of it all, the universe will experience heat death and it, too, will die. In the instance of "infinite" hits, we're talking more of functional infinity, rather than literal.

RAW you can't pass the game onto descendants, permissive ruleset. Unless we get an FAQ from GW.
Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

 Matt Swain wrote:
Where's the paperback 9e rulebook?

In the Command Edition starter box. A5, all the rules content from the main rulebook; they've chopped out all the fluff.
Made in ca
Crafty Goblin


There are no codes in any books preceding the Space Marine and Necron codex's.

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Made in gb
Fixture of Dakka

On a quick flick through it, no code.

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Regular Dakkanaut

I never really though about it but yeah cannot find a code I had enough problem finding the space marine codex code
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