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The Weird War 2 Board game Incursion is back with a planned Pacific Theatre. It is under new ownership.


Hey y'all, it's been a minute. Jim and John here from Grindhouse Games. We have now transferred all IP and assets from this Kickstarter and game and the future of incursion to Jeff La Belle at Tabletop BoardGames. He also carries the Miniatures range from West Wind Productions so he is the go-to guy for all things Incursion. He was the biggest backer of this Kickstarter, is a great guy, and a good friend. In his own words:

Hi everyone. Well the cat is out of the bag before the webstore is ready... I will have the webstore setup so that all orders can be handled through it for the miniatures range. Everything's going to be in lead free Pewter (I am casting up inventory as we speak) as well as all the Extras and copies of Snafu and the Base game from the Kickstarter that we have. It'll all be there and clearly visible if you want to order any cool things like dice and doors. As to the future, I have a prototype already being playtested for the next installment called Pacific Theater which takes us to Iwo Jima where the 1st Marines and the 13th UDT's take on the Japanese who hold Iwo Jima which was lost to them again in 1949. There will be more news and info in the new FORUM where I will post updates and pictures and news about that expansion and more news and developments! If you want anything now or just wanna say hi email me at TTBG.JEFF@GMAIL.COM and I can email you an order form and such or just chat. Bringing Incursion board games back to your tabletop soon!

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great to see this back!!

Check out my gallery here
Also I've started taking photos to use as reference for weathering which can be found here. Please send me your photos so they can be found all in one place!! 
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